Our Editors’ Picks for Must-Have Halloween Pet Supplies Are Scary Good

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editors picks halloween pet gear 2022
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Our Editors’ Picks for Must-Have Halloween Pet Supplies Are Scary Good

We get beyond excited when the first Halloween decorations start showing up in stores. (It’s never too early!) Our Halloween party mix is on constant rotation. (“This is Halloween” is a bop, y’all.) When most people are binge-watching whatever the Netflix series du jour is, we’ve got “Hocus Pocus” playing on repeat. (And we are sooo psyched for the sequel.) We at BeChewy go all out for Halloween and you know that means including our pets in the ghoulishly good time.

If you’re equally as obsessed with things that go bump in the night, then you’ll want to check out our favorite Halloween gear for pets. Whether you want to dress your dog up in something spooky or to treat your cat to a frighteningly fun new toy, we’ve got you covered.

editors picks halloween pet supplies 2022

Learn more about our editors’ picks for the best pet Halloween gear below. Spooky SZN fanatics unite.

pet halloween gear - editors' picks- kate

Stephanie Brown, Executive Editor

When on the haunt for the best Halloween pet gear, Steph recommends swapping out your pet’s everyday staples, like a cat scratcher, with items that spark a seasonal vibe. For pet costumes and accessories, let pop culture be your guide. This year, two trends in particular are driving her picks: everyone’s favorite period drama “Bridgerton” and the return of the goth.

pet halloween gear - editors picks- dog costume

Frisco 18th Century Dog & Cat Dress Costume

"Gentle reader, say you’ll remember me when shopping for your pet’s Halloween costume and opt for this ball gown that’s straight out of 'Bridgerton.' The super-hot Netflix series is the inspo for my pick for the best pet costume this year. With its corset-style dress, ruffle choker and powder white wig, your pet is sure to be the talk of 'the ton.'”

Starting at $16.99

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pet halloween gear - editors picks

Frisco Glow in the Dark Mystical Print Dog & Cat Bandana

"Goth is going mainstream, according to Pinterest, which reports an increase in searches for things like goth business casual and 90s-inspired mall goth makeup. And I am so here for it. I mean, even my bachelorette party this year featured a goth theme. This glow-in-the dark pet bandana conjures up moody goth vibes with its coffins and crystals. It’s an easy, inexpensive and stylish way to tap into this dark trend."


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pet halloween gear - editors picks

Frisco Halloween Mansion Cardboard Cat House

"Pet furniture that doubles as Halloween decor? Yes, please! This two-story haunted mansion not only gives your cat a place to scratch, but it’ll also fit right in with the rest of your spooky swag. Plus, it’s super sturdy. I bought this for my cat, Luna, last year, and she loved it so much I never took it down. It’s held up just fine and is still one of her favorite places to sit and scratch."


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pet halloween gear 2021 - editors' picks - ciara

Kristine Cannon, Senior Editor

Dressing head to toe in black, watching horror movies and sprinkling her home with skull and Ouija board decor: This might scream spooky season to you, but for Kristine, it's her full-time aesthetic. Yep, Halloween is her favorite time of the year—and even more so since rescuing her pup, Odesza. This year, Kristine can't wait to dress Dez up in a "Moon Knight"-inspired costume and spoil her with all sorts of spooky toys and treats.
pet halloween gear - editors choice - pharaoh dog costume

Frisco Royal Pharaoh Dog & Cat Costume

"This pharaoh dog costume is perfect for fans of Emmy-nominated Marvel series 'Moon Knight.' It makes for a perfect matching costume moment, too: Dress your pup up in this costume, which comes with a gold headpiece and a matching neckpiece, while you dress up like your favorite character from the show (the Scarlet Scarab, perhaps?)."

Starting at $15.99

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pet halloween gear - editors picks - voodoo doll dog toy

Frisco Halloween Voodoo Doll Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

"I won’t be the only one embracing witchcraft and magic this year. I’m letting Odesza in on the action, too, with Frisco's voodoo doll plush dog toy that features not one, not two but six squeakers. (OMG, she’s gonna freak.) And with its sturdy burlap design, this toy is bound to keep her distracted this Halloween (out of trouble, probably not)."


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editors picks halloween pet gear 2022 - goody box

Halloween Goody Box for Dogs

"Who doesn’t love spoiling their dog? And with this being Odesza’s first Halloween, the Halloween Goody Box is the perfect way to treat her to all her favorite things: toys (the Goody Box comes with three toys, including one Halloween plush toy for Medium/Large boxes) and treats (you get two bags!)."


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Ciara LaVelle, Senior Editor

Ciara loves any excuse to dress up, so Halloween is one of her favorite holidays. Her love for costumes also extends to her pets, Chihuahua mix Zeno and black cat Manny. Her favorite picks are a mix of on-trend Halloween themes and products you can use well after Halloween’s over—because hey, who says you can’t be spooky after Oct. 31?
editors picks halloween 2022 - dog costume star wars

Fetch For Pets Star Wars Chewbacca Basic Dog Harness

"I’ve dressed Zeno in a lot of costumes over the years, but deep down I know she only tolerates them because she loves me. She does, however, love putting on her harness (because it means we’re going on a walk, of course). So this Chewbacca 'costume,' which doubles as a harness, will make us both smile."

Starting at $14.99

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pet halloween gear - editors picks- cat wand

Frisco Ghost Teaser Cat Toy with Catnip

"Classic spooks are all the rage for Halloween this year—and as a black cat parent, that means I’m already on trend! This cute playtime accessory highlights the fright factor even more. Manny won’t be wearing a Ghostbusters costume (he would literally murder me), but with this toy, he can still pretend to be one."


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pet halloween gear editors picks dog toys

Disney Halloween Villains Cruella De Vil and Dalmatian Dog Toys

"Cruella De Vil has got to be the scariest Halloween villain if you’re a pet. But I have to admit I literally LOL’d the first time I saw these toys. The idea of my dog playing rough with (aka getting sweet revenge on) that mean Cruella is just too funny! I love that it comes with a Dalmatian plushy to snuggle with afterwards, too."


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We can’t wait for your boo to be bewitched by our fave pet Halloween gear. Time to start brewing up some fun!
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