Our Editors’ Picks for the Best Pet Halloween Gear

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pet halloween gear 2021 - editors picks
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Our Editors’ Picks for the Best Pet Halloween Gear

You get excited when the first Halloween decorations start showing up in stores. (It’s never too early!) Your Halloween party mix is on constant rotation. (“This is Halloween” is a BOP, y’all.) When most people are binge-watching whatever the Netflix series du jour is, you’ve got “Hocus Pocus” playing on repeat. (It is the comfort movie that is getting us through 2021). Clearly, you’d never let a Halloween go by without going all out and that means including your pets in the ghoulishly good time.

We at BeChewy are equally as obsessed with all things that go bump in the night. That’s why our editors pulled together a list of our favorite pet Halloween gear, from accessories to toys to treats. Whether you want to dress your dog up in something spooky or to treat your cat to a frighteningly fun new toy, we’ve got you covered.

pet halloween gear 2021 - all editors picks

Learn more about our editors’ picks for the best pet Halloween gear below. Spooky SZN fanatics unite.

pet halloween gear - editors' picks- kate

Kate, Editor in Chief

When it comes to Halloween, for Kate, it’s not just the big day, but the change of seasons. There is mystery and magic in the air as days grow shorter and shadows lengthen. Our pets, creatures of nature that they are, know something’s up and we want them to join us in a howling good Halloween. She recommends a costume (of course!) that just so suits, and also treats and toys that last for days.
pet halloween gear - editors picks- showgirl dog costume

Frisco Showgirl Dog & Cat Costume

“You know how some precocious pets are just little furry, flirty, dancing show-offs? (Maybe yours is one!) I think this frilly, spangly and feathery costume would be perfect for the pet who wants to be the star of the show. And, seriously, that headdress?”

Starting at $15.99

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pet halloween gear - editors picks - good box

Goody Box Halloween Toys & Treats for Cats

“Remember coming home from trick-or-treating with a bag overflowing with candy? I sure do. That’s what this Goody Box is—plenty of fun Halloween stuff just for cats. Toys, treats and is that a pop-up candy corn tent? Let them at it all at once, or dole out over a few days.”


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pet halloween gear - editors picks - devil ID tag

Trill Paws Personalized Lil Devil Pet ID Tag

“Yes, it is pretty over the top to buy a Halloween-themed pet identification tag for your little angel who has a devilish side, but when it comes to All Hallows, we’re all in. Plus, you can make sure everything’s current for a day when pets can get spooked by all the spookiness and make a run for it.”


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Steph, Senior Editor

Ask anyone and they will tell you that Halloween is Steph’s favorite time of year at Chewy. Why? Because of all the pets who come into the office in costumes, of course! (Attending a meeting with Pugs dressed as pumpkins. Uh, yes please.) When on the haunt for the best Halloween gear for pets, she recommends swapping out your pet’s everyday items, like their usual toys or their collar, with those that spark a seasonal vibe.

Frisco Glow in the Dark Spiderweb Cat Collar

“As a cat mom, I know it can be a challenge to get a cat to wear a full-on Halloween costume. (I will forever try, though.) This glow-in-the dark cat collar adds some festive flare that any cat will actually want to wear. Or you, know, tolerate wearing.”


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pet halloween gear - editors picks- spell book

Frisco Halloween Monster Book & Candle Plush Cat Toy

“Witches are always on-theme for Halloween, but modern witchcraft is having a real moment these days. Conjure up all the witchy vibes with this cat plush toy set featuring a spell book and candle. I love that it contains catnip and crinkle paper to get your cat’s attention. Let the bunny kicks commence!”


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pet halloween gear editors picks guinea pig costume

Frisco Firetruck Guinea Pig Costume

“What’s cuter than a guinea pig? A guinea pig in a little guinea pig costume. Dress your piggy in this firetruck costume, complete with a miniature firefighter hat, and you’ve got yourself a first-place winner in any costume contest. Don’t forget to snap a few pics to share on social. I guarantee your feed will be on fire.”


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pet halloween gear 2021 - editors' picks - ciara

Ciara, Writer & Editor

Halloween brings out Ciara’s most extra self. She plans multiple costumes for her family each year (though she doesn’t think she’ll ever top the DIY Prince and David Bowie outfits she made for her kids in 2016), and, of course, her dog, Zeno, and cat, Manny, get in on the action too! For Ciara, Halloween is all about letting your personality shine, so her picks are a mix of her own favorite things and products that perfectly exemplify her pets’ unique characters.
pet halloween gear - editors choice - cactus toys

Frisco Halloween Cactus Dog Toys

“I got very invested in the cacti and succulent trend this past year—I can see 20 different varieties from where I sit in my home office. These plush cacti are a perfect way to share that trend with my dog, and a fun, seasonal addition to her toy collection.”


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pet halloween gear - editors picks - witch cat toy

Frisco Halloween Good Witch, Bad Witch Reversible Cat Toy

“My fellow cat parents know the struggle: Your cat is sweet and snuggly one moment, then tearing through the house like a maniac the next. Their unpredictable nature just makes us love them more, right? This toy perfectly suits Manny, whether he’s being a ‘good witch’ or a ‘bad witch.’”


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pet halloween gear editors picks fun size dog treats

Beggin' Fun Size Trick-or-Treat Variety Pack Dog Treats

“Everyone deserves treats on Halloween—pets 100 percent included. So this year, when trick-or-treaters ring my doorbell, I’m giving out these bacon goodies for dogs along with candy for the kids. My fellow pet parents will appreciate the gesture—and it’ll give me an excuse to make friends with all the pups who are out with their families on Halloween.”


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pet halloween gear - editors picks 2021 - danielle

Danielle, Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager Danielle is an artist, avid vintage seeker and part-time pet parent to her brother's rescue pup, Sawyer. She takes her job at Chewy as an opportunity to spoil him any chance she gets. (What are pup aunties for?) Her appreciation for nostalgic Halloween times and all the fall warm-and-fuzzies influenced her top picks.
pet halloween gear - editors picks -dress

Frisco Chambray Halloween Dog & Cat Dress

“I love that this chambray dress can be worn all season long rather than just Halloween. I was drawn to its nostalgic nod to the 90s—remember those sheer scrunchies and denim button-down shirts?”

Starting at $12.99

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pet halloween gear - editors' picks 2021

Fetch for Pets Jason Voorhees Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

“This dog toy is so realistic and is a testament to my favorite seasonal pastime—watching the classic scares! I love extending my traditions to Sawyer, and I get a solid laugh when he’s getting all playful with Jason.”


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pet halloween gear - editors picks - bat harness

Frisco Bat Wing Dog Harness

"Often, getting pets to cooperate with costumes can be challenging. This bat wing harness is not only cute, but it’s the perfect solution for getting even the grumpiest pets in the Halloween spirit… at least for their daily walks.”

Starting at $12.99

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We can’t wait for your boo to be bewitched by our fave pet Halloween gear. Time to start brewing up some fun!




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