13 Matching Halloween Costumes for Pet Parents and Their Dogs

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matching halloween costumes for dog and owner
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13 Matching Halloween Costumes for Pet Parents and Their Dogs

Pet costumes are fun (have you seen these funny Halloween costumes for dogs?), but do you know what’s even better than a Halloween costume for your four-legged BFF? Matching costumes for you and your furry friend! Take the idea of a couples costume, but make it a dog/pet parent couple.

From Disney’s “The Little Mermaid'' to a pair of sweet-as-honey bumble bees, we’ve rounded up some super Halloween costume ideas for you and your sidekick. While we love a good DIY project, these are ready-to-go Halloween costumes for your pooch, no work required.

Prepare to win the “Best Matching Costumes Duo Ever” award in the annual Halloween party costume contest.

1Just a Couple of Lobsters

Upgrade your dog’s claws—and give yourself a pair for the night—with the cutest couples costume idea: lobsters.

Fido’s and your Halloween costume doesn’t have to be trendy to be adorable, and this one certainly checks the adorable matching costume box.

Get the dog costume: Frisco Red Lobster Dog Costume

2The Perfect Pumpkin Pair


HAPPY HALLOWEEN from me and my bestie🧡🎃

♬ Oh Klahoma - Jack Stauber

Whether you have a small dog, a big dog or a some-size-in-between dog, you can never go wrong with the classic pumpkin costume.

Get the dog costume: Frisco Pumpkin Dog Costume

3Buzzy Bumble Bees

Bee the cutest dog/human costume-wearing duo around by rocking adorable bumble bee costumes.

Get the dog costume: Frisco Bumble Bee Dog Costume

4Pizza Party for Two

Thin crust, deep dish or classic: You and your sidekick don’t have to share a pizza preference to share a costume theme. A funny dog pizza costume will complement your own perfectly.

5Clouds and Rainbows

Photo: Dream a Little Bigger

We are absolutely obsessed with this upbeat DIY cloud and rainbow costume from Dream a Little Bigger. You and your pooch can be the happiest storm on Halloween with such a precious couples costume.

6Taco ‘Bout the Perfect Match

Matching Halloween costumes have never been tastier–er, we mean cuter. No matter what day of the week Halloween falls on, it’s always Taco Tuesday with a pair of fabulous Taco Halloween costumes for you and your pooch.

Get the dog costume: Frisco Taco Dog Costume

7Disney Dog Extraordinaire: ‘The Little Mermaid’

Dress the whole fam up as the cast of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.” But instead of you as Ariel, let your dog be the star of the show, while you dress up as Prince Eric or Ursula.

8Dynamic Dinosaur Duo

Dinosaurs definitely aren’t extinct–at least not for the night–when you and your pooch wear matching costumes from the Mesozoic Era.

This Halloween costume idea may be simple, but you have to admit your best friend would look pretty cool with a Stegosaurus tail.

9Scooby Doo, Where Are You?

For pups who aren’t too fond of the full pet costume getup, you can still pull off a fun human/canine couples costume by purchasing a simple Scooby Doo harness for your pooch.

10Batman Buddies for Life

You and your furry friend can fly through the night in matching Batman costumes.

If you’d rather be the sidekick, you can always swap out your Batman cape for Robin’s.

Get the dog costume: Frisco Bat Wings Dog Costume

11Ghost Pals

Boo! Whether you both don a white sheet with hole cutouts or you both opt for a more cozy ghost look (Frisco's Boo-Tastic Ghost Dog & Cat Costume Cape looks so comfy, we wish they sold one for humans, too!), this classic Halloween costume is always a winner.

12The ‘Star Wars’ Crew, Featuring Darth Vader

He’s the world’s best dog in real life every day, so why not dress your furry friend as the bad guy for just one night?

As an added bonus, “Star Wars” is a fun group costume theme that can easily involve the whole family because of the many different human costume options.

13Party Piñatas!

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Looking for a colorful couples costume? We've got you. Halloween is all about the party, so you and your pooch may want to live it up as a pair of piñatas–hold the bat.
We hope you got the inspiration you needed for your couples costumes! The only thing better than a fun pet costume is a coordinating human one. If you’re more of a make-it-yourself kind of person, we have a great collection of DIY Halloween costume ideas for you and your pooch.


By: Laura WillardUpdated: