All the Reasons You Love Your Pet

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All the Reasons You Love Your Pet

It’s no secret that you love your pet, and why shouldn’t you? Love Your Pet Day is a whole day devoted to celebrating this unbreakable bond. “Pets provide their owners with unconditional love… and this can improve one’s quality of life in many ways,” notes Dr. Rachel Barrack of Animal Acupuncture.

Pets work hard to make us laugh, play, relax and calm down when we’re stressed out. Some pets even have professional jobs doing this sort of stuff. And even if your dog isn’t in the service animal profession, surely your little furball is a multitasker who single-pawedly takes on a number of daily jobs just to make your life better.

Door Greeter: You never know what the day might bring, but one thing you can count on is an enthusiastic greeting at the end of it. Whether it’s out-of-control tail wagging dog behavior, welcome home hops from your bunny, a happy chirp from your bird or fervent head butting in a show of cat love, there’s always someone who’s happy you’re home.

Comedian: Pets are always willing to embarrass themselves and pull risky stunts just to get a smile out of us. How many times has your cat squished herself into a tiny box or ridden the Roomba just to get a chuckle? If you’re a chinchilla lover, you probably have more than one video of him flipping and spinning in his dust bath or bouncing off walls when he’s popcorning. And dogs? They’re comedians by nature. For Love Your Pet Day, you can show how much you love your pet jokesters by giving him something fun like Super Catnip Crazy Pants or the Silly Sandwich toy.

Therapist: When you’re feeling blue, there’s nothing better than petting or talking to your pet. They might not know what you’re saying, but their sixth sense puts them in tune with your mood. Rosalind Sedacca, Divorce and Parenting Coach, author, and founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network, explains that pets offer kids and adults “unconditional love, nurturing and comfort… as they move through tension, anxiety and grief.” They do what they can to lift your spirits, and they lend “an appreciative ear when you want to vent or shed tears.”

Heart and Lap Warmer: Lap warmers bring a special kind of dog love or cat love by reminding you to take time to relax. “Interacting with pets has also been shown to reduce stress and even blood pressure levels,” says Dr. Barrack. Their calming powers help relieve anxiety and regulate your heart rate. When a pet’s curled up in your lap, it’s the perfect time for your daily meditation. Plus, you’ll save tons of money on throws, hot water bottles and Snuggies. If your pet is the one who’s a nervous Nellie, he might enjoy a Bug Eyes toy for Love Your Pet Day, and it’s sure to make you laugh, too.

Social Life Manager: Having a pet means you’re instantly part of the pet parent club—a whole network of likeminded animal lovers. Dr. Barrack agrees that “pets can encourage owners to interact with more people,” whether it’s online or at the dog park, “because who doesn’t love meeting a cute dog or cat?!” Even if you’re a lone wolf, pets offer friendship with no strings attached. It’s like having a best buddy who always has time to spend with you and never gives you side-eye for a lapse in judgment. As a fun Love Your Pet Day activity, schedule a play date with a neighbor.

Life Coach: Sure, you can teach your Parrot to dance or your dog to shake hands, but pets teach us so much more. These full-time life coaches help kids learn about responsibilities, which can build confidence. And adults and children alike can learn a thing or two about patience and commitment from caring for a pet. Pets can also help you navigate all sorts of life challenges by providing stability and love with no strings attached.

Personal Trainer: Pets make the perfect exercise partners, and they give you a reason to get out of the house and get moving. As Dr. Barrack remarks, “owning a dog forces someone to be more active.” Most pets need regular physical activity for their pet health, and it’s up to you to take them for walks or runs and to make the most of playtime. For Love Your Pet Day, try out a new toy like a Jolly Ball
horse toy, Cat Charmer teaser toy or Ultra Ball fetch toy.

Work Assistant: “Many companies allow pets in the workplace, as employers believe it helps reduce stress and encourage interactions between coworkers,” says Dr. Barrack. We’ve got tons of canine and feline help here in the Chewy office, so we definitely know the value of pets at work. They keep morale strong and help you stay calm so you can be a real problem solver. Plus they help rearrange all your important papers (even without you having to ask), keep meetings from getting boring and make excellent keyboard covers.

High-Profile Models: As exclusive models for your social media accounts, your pets are always willing to strike a pose. Some of them don’t even have to try—they’re naturals! And of course, everyone needs to see that cute thing they just did, especially on Love Your Pet Day. Be sure to get the Polo Dog Shirt for your next photo shoot for an extra dose of cuteness.

Well, it’s time to shower your best bud with love and appreciation for all of their hard work. Perhaps it calls for a special new toy or treat. But don’t just limit it to a day—find little ways to make every day Love Your Pet Day!

Nikki Naser
Nikki Naser, BeChewy Senior Editor
Instead of owning 30 cats, Nikki has an impressive collection of 30 cat-themed T-shirts, and just 4 pets—a ginger-haired senior cat, a senior Maine Coon, a middle-aged Choodle, and a young kitty who showed up one day on the back steps. A former Orlando resident, Nikki worked on several tourism publications before moving to South Beach. When she’s not stopping to take pics of community cats to post on Instagram, Nikki spends her time with the office pets at Chewy, writing for their BeChewy blog.


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