Joymakers: Chewy Fulfillment Lead Ofuain Ugo Helps Boxes of Goodies Get to Pets and Their People

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Chewy Joymakers: Ofuain Ugo
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Joymakers: Chewy Fulfillment Lead Ofuain Ugo Helps Boxes of Goodies Get to Pets and Their...

Every day that a Chewy box is delivered to your front door is like Christmas Day for your pet. Something special has arrived just for them, and you get the honor of playing Santa Claus, handing out treats and toys for all the good boys and girls in your home.

And just like Santa had elves to help him, you have a lot of helpers at Chewy who ready the gifts to be delivered for the little ones on your “Good List.” One of those helpers is Ofuain Ugo.

Ugo is a Fulfillment Lead at Chewy’s Fulfillment Center in Dallas, Texas. He manages a team of over a half dozen people that coordinates the shipment of large pet products, like dog crates and cat trees. They make sure the shipments get on the correct trucks, the trucks are in the correct docks and the drivers leave on time. Ugo is the orchestrator, making sure everything stays on schedule.

“There’s a lot of teamwork that goes on there,” he says.

Ofuain Ugo

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He describes an average day as very busy but also “a happy day.” One of his favorite parts about working for Chewy is the relationships he’s built with his coworkers, whom he describes as family.

“From management all the way to newest team member, it’s like a big, happy family there,” he says.

And that family also includes coworkers’ and customers’ pets. In fact, Ugo says he often stops to think about the pets who are at the receiving end of the packages his team is shipping out.

Ofuain Ugo

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“When you imagine the pet that’s getting that product, you can see how happy the pet will be,” he says. “You can appreciate the way pets are being taken care of all over the country.”

Ugo notes that the fulfillment center workers take extra care to pack the boxes in a way that showcases the products. It seems like such a small thing, and maybe as a customer, you’ve never even thought about that special touch. But it’s something Ugo is very proud of.

“As soon as the pet parent opens it, the first thing they see is the beauty of the product,” he says.

It’s all part of Chewy’s commitment to providing the best experience to our customers.

“We love them. We’re always there for them,” Ugo says. “We treat their products with TLC: tender loving care.”

If a pet parent has a special request for how their order is packaged—for example, they don’t want the label to show on the box—the team will go out of their way to make the customer happy.

“That’s when we really put our stamp on it,” he says. “Like, yeah, we really got your back on this one.”

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Ugo also takes pride in seeing pets outside of work playing with items sold on Chewy, and knowing that he’s part of a company who helped bring that pet joy.

“When you see that you think, ‘Wow, they’re very healthy, they’re being taken care of,’” he says.

Ugo is a man who clearly loves the pets he serves. And while he doesn’t have a pet of his own at this time (his German Shepherd passed away several years ago), his youngest daughter has been asking for a dog. He says dogs provide “a lot of unconditional love,” and he’s been thinking about adding one to the family.

It just may be at the top of his own Christmas list this year.

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