Homemade Flower Crown Tutorial for Your Dog

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Homemade Flower Crown Tutorial for Your Dog

Roses are red, violets are blue—if you love flower crowns, now your dog will, too! From stylish photo shoots to Halloween costumes sure to win any contest, flowers make the perfect year-round accessory. Whatever the occasion may be, this flower crown tutorial will dress your pup in a trend that’s sure to turn heads.

Choose your favorite dog-safe flowers, like roses or daisies, for a fresh flower crown for dogs, or go with artificial flowers for an everlasting fashion statement. Decorate in style with autumn colors, or use a pop of bright colors; the choices are endless! Here’s an easy-to-follow homemade flower crown tutorial.

Materials: pet-safe flowers, malleable floral wire, wire cutter, string or twine, scissors, decorative duct tape, hot glue gun and glue sticks, floral tape



1. Start by using a string to measure the circumference around your dog’s head. This will become the size of the homemade flower crown, so make sure it is loose enough to sit on top of his head!

Pro-tip: For fussy dogs and added comfort, measure around your pup’s neck to make a flower wreath that goes over his head and hangs on his neck instead!


2. Using the wire cutter, cut the floral wire 4 inches longer than the string is to account for the closure that will allow you to adjust the crown, as needed, and take it on and off!


3. Cut the flowers to leave about 1-2 inches of their stems, and plan out your crown by arranging them around the wire frame. If you are using fresh flowers, be sure to remove any thorns or spikes! You can choose all the same size flowers, mix it up with different sizes.


4. Use greenery for added volume and bulk, attaching long pieces by winding floral tape around the greenery and wire. Attach the flowers one at a time by wrapping floral tape around the stem and the wire again and again until secure. If using different size flowers, choose the largest ones for the center.


5. Continue to work around the crown until ¾ of the entire length of the wire is covered with flowers.

6. Take one side of the remaining wire, fold it to create a dull end, and then bend it again to create a hook clasp for your homemade flower crown for dogs. On the other end, take the remaining wire, fold the bare part in half, wind it into a small circle and then bend down any left over to cover the last bit of bare wire.


7. On both sides, use floral tape to secure and cover any visible bare wire, except for the clasp.


8. Show off your best-in-show pooch in his homemade flower crown for dogs. Then, pull out the red carpet and let the paw-parazzi take over!


Make your dog the best-dressed star of any holiday party this season or the talk of the town during Halloween trick-or-treating! Whether worn on his head or around his neck, celebrate your one-of-a-kind pooch with this unique accessory. Our DIY flower crown tutorial is sure to make your dog feel like the top dog he is!

By: Chewy Editorial


By: Chewy EditorialUpdated: