Holiday Traditions Your Cat Can Join In On

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Holidays with Pets
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Holiday Traditions Your Cat Can Join In On

Do you consider your cat to be a part of your family? If you have a soft spot in your heart for your favorite feline, then you may be inclined to include her in almost everything you do. In this case, your long-standing holiday traditions are no exception. The holidays are for spending time with your family, and this means your cat, too, right? Follow these tips to include your cat in your festive traditions for fun holidays with pets!

5 Ways to Spend the Holidays With Your Cat

1Homemade Cat Treats

What better way to get into the holiday spirit then to get your baking on? Put on some holiday music and get to cooking some kitty snacks so that your cat has some yummy treats for special holiday occasions.

If you are unsure of how to make your own cat treats, DIY Cat Treats for the At-Home Baker has a variety of recipes to choose from so that you can find one that best suits your feline’s tastes.

When it comes to the holiday season, what is more synonymous with festive fun than eggnog? We don’t recommend giving your cat actual eggnog, but you can make a cat-appropriate version of festive feline eggnog! You can use PetAg CatSip real milk liquid cat treat as an eggnog alternative, and sprinkle some SmartyKat organic catnip on top. Or you can try The Honest Kitchen eggnog for dogs and cats for fun and festive holidays with pets!

2Photos with Santa Paws

If you are feeling particularly festive (and a little brave) this holiday season, check with your local pet stores to see if they are offering pet pictures with Santa. If you can get your cat to take a picture with Santa, you can use those pet photos for holiday greeting cards to send out to all of your friends and family.

Don’t worry if your kitty is a bit of a homebody—you can take your own holiday pet photos! You can find a fun holiday collar for them to wear, like this snowman collar from Blueberry Pet, and take a photo of them in your own home. If you are feeling particularly creative, you can even create your own holiday background for the photos!

Here are tips for taking better photos of your pets:

3Decorating Your Cat Tree

If you have a cat tree, you can turn it into their very own cat Christmas tree using cat toys and other fun objects that your kitty would enjoy playing with! If you don’t have a cat tree, it is the season of giving, and a cat tree would be the ideal kitty Christmas present.

You can also hang a stocking for your cat, like Ethical Pet cat toy stocking, and you can have fun picking out some presents for them throughout the holiday season. To keep in the holiday spirit, the Frisco Christmas tree cave bed and the KONG holiday laser cat toy would make great gifts for your kitty.

4Quality Cat Time

Don’t forget that the holiday season is about family and the love you share for each other, so spend some quality time with your cat. They may not get as excited about this time of year as we do, but they will always enjoy spending some extra time with you. Consider using the Cat Dancer Cat Charmer toy for some serious playtime with your cat so you can tucker them out and get to cuddling together.

5Volunteer at a Shelter

This holiday activity may not include your cat, but it is a nice way to spread holiday cheer and give back. Animal shelters and rescues can always use more volunteers, especially during the holiday season. If you can free up a morning or a few hours to help out, they are always appreciative. If you have a busy holiday schedule, then you can always make a donation, whether it be money, food or toys. Anything and everything is always appreciated, but you can always check with the animal shelter or pet rescue to see what they need the most.

So, when you are making your holiday plans this year, don’t think that you can’t include your cat. Holidays with pets are the best type of holidays! There are plenty of fun and interactive ways you can help your kitty feel the love this winter. Just remember to keep their comfort level in mind and that they should be enjoying these activities just as much as you are.

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