Dress Up Your Dog as a Different Animal This Halloween

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Dress Up Your Dog as a Different Animal This Halloween

What’s the best part about Halloween? Dogs in costumes, of course! With all due respect to candy and decorations, if you ask us, All Hallows’ Eve is all about the pups. And this year, we’re especially loving animal costumes for dogs. After all, there’s nothing sillier than a pup masquerading as another member of the animal kingdom.

Ready to take your four-legged friend for a walk on the wild side? Whether you’re looking for a dog lion costume or a puppy shark ensemble, we’ve got you covered.

Animal Costumes for Dogs - dog lobster column
Photo: Chewy Studios


Dog Lobster Costume

Is your pup more of the crustacean persuasion? Then this dog lobster costume is for you. The hood features buggy eyes and a pair of perky antennae, while the separate body suit has your claws covered. Admittedly, we never used the words “lobster” and “adorable” in the same sentence before, but there’s a first time for everything. Who’s an adorable lobster? You are, bud! Sizes XS-XXL. Starting at $14.99.

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Animal Costumes for Dogs  - dog shark costume
Photo: Chewy Studios


Dog Shark Costume

Your dog would never hurt a fly, let alone terrorize the deep sea. But for one night, they can pretend to be a ferocious predator with this two-piece dog shark costume. Complete with a chompy hood and plush bodysuit, it’s sure to be a hit at the costume contest. And come summertime, it’s the perfect pool party ensemble! Now, say it with us: Puppy shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo … Sizes XS-XXL. Starting at $14.99.

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Animal Costumes for Dogs - Dog Lion Costume
Photo: Chewy Studios


Dog Lion Costume

They’re the king of your world, and now your dog can be the king of the jungle. With its flouncy fur and feisty ears, this dog lion costume adds instant swagger to any pup. (The smallest size will even fit cats, but in our experience, cats already consider themselves lions.) Our favorite part about this majestic mane? It’s ideal for dogs who may not tolerate a full-body costume. Elastic drawstrings ensure a quick, easy, fuss-free fit. Sizes S-XL. Starting at $11.99.

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Animal Costumes for Dogs - dog cow costume
Photo: Chewy Studios


Dog Cow Costume

Holy cow, this costume is cute! Udderly adorable in every way, it’s the perfect ensemble for aspiring farm dogs. The delight is in details: The spotted hood is outfitted with cheery ears and felt horns, while the bodysuit features a cozy belly strap with removable udders. Dare we say it’s fab-moo-lous? Sizes XS-XXL. Starting at $14.99.

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Animal Costumes for Dogs - Dog Pig Costume
Photo: Chewy Studios


Dog Pig Costume

Dogs love pigs (in, ahem, bacon form). So why not dress yours up as their favorite animal this year? Featuring two hilarious pieces, this little piggy is a true crowd pleaser. From the boop-able nose to the springy tail to the fleecy texture, it’s sure to make everyone squeal. Sizes XS-XXL. Starting at $14.99.

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animal costumes for dogs - chicken costume
Photo: Chewy Studios


Dog Chicken Costume

This Halloween, give everyone something to cluck about with this fluffy dog chicken costume. We love everything about it, from its big, yellow beak to its floppy, red tail. And your dog will love its comfortable, step-in design. Now that’s what we call a win-win. Sizes S-XL. Starting at $14.99.

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animal costumes for dogs - flamingo dog costume
Photo: Chewy Studios


Flamingo Dog Costume

Talk about pretty in pink! This one-piece flamingo dog costume has nose-to-tail details to ensure your pup is the belle of the masquerade ball. The hot pink faux-fur is illuminated by sparkly strands, the shimmery wings are fiber-filled for a 3D effect, and the bright yellow beak is pawsitively eye-catching. Sizes XS-XXL. Starting at $14.99.

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With so many adorable and on-trend animal costumes for dogs, it’s nearly impossible to resist the call of the wild.

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