Scary or Sweet? How to Pick the Best Dog Halloween Costumes for Your Spooky Pooches

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best dog halloween costumes 2020

Scary or Sweet? How to Pick the Best Dog Halloween Costumes for Your Spooky Pooches

Halloween is a fun holiday for anyone who likes to dress up, and dogs and their doggy parents are no exception! Whatever your—and your dog’s—style, there’s no shortage of costumes from which to choose, and the selection is always expanding. So, what’s the best dog Halloween costumes for 2021?

“Galactic or outer space motifs, which draws heavily on what’s trending in human fashion,” says Kacie Hu, Chewy’s Global Sourcing Manager. “And more morbid costumes that follow pop culture” like characters from horror movies.

And of course, there’s always the classics like a dog pumpkin costume or a princess costume or any number of superheroes. With so many options, how do you choose? Here’s how to pick the best dog Halloween costumes for your pack of spooky pooches this year.

What’s Your Dog Like?

Think about these questions when picking out the best dog Halloween costume.

  • What size is your dog? Many of the dog Halloween costumes sold on Chewy come in sizes XS to XXL, and some are even available in XXXL! However, Hu says, “We learned a lot during dog fittings about how a dog’s height impacts the overall look of a costume. Smaller dogs fit well in most costumes, but bigger dogs have longer legs and bigger movements, so that’s something to keep in mind when choosing a costume.” Make sure you check the sizing guides since different brands have different sizing standards.
  • Is your dog comfortable wearing clothing? If your canine has happily worn a costume, raincoat or dress in the past, you can feel pretty confident they will tolerate wearing a dog Halloween costume. However, if this is a new experience for your pet, you may want to start small with a festive Halloween dog bandana or simple costume with fewer elements.
  • What’s your dog’s personality? Any fashionista knows it takes confidence to pull off a look. Play into your pup’s personality when choosing a Halloween costume for them. Are they silly? Maybe one of the funny dog costumes, like a little old lady, will fit the bill. Are they sweet? How about a princess costume? Slightly spaced out? Perhaps your dog is meant to be a rocket ship.
  • What’s dog your dog look like? Make the most of your dog’s Halloween look by taking their natural appearance into consideration. For example, fluffy dogs’ plush fur may enhance a lion or teddy bear costume. And can any breed pull off a hot dog costume better than a Dachshund, AKA wiener dog?

To help you find the best dog Halloween costumes for your pets, we’ve narrowed down our stock into several main categories. Here are some of our most popular:

Large Dog Halloween Costumes

“For bigger dogs, ideally you want to stay with less complex costumes,” Hu says. “Look for simpler body costumes that have a neck and belly strap.” This Robin costume from Rubie’s Costume Company comes in XXXL, making it a good fit for bigger dogs.

Perfect for: Bigger breeds and tall dogs.

Bst large dog halloween costumes - robin
best large dog halloween costume -rocket ship
Frisco Rocket Ship Dog Costume
Large Dog Halloween Costumes pumpkin
Frisco Pumpkin Dog Costume
Sentinel Flavor Tabs
Frisco Lion Mane Dog Costume

Small Dog Halloween Costumes

Dog moms and dads of more petite breeds are lucky when it comes to dog Halloween costumes. “Most costumes work for small dogs,” says Hu, “even the more complex ones.” Don’t shy away from small dog Halloween costumes that have hoods, such as Frisco’s sweet little piggy costume. They’re great for keeping smaller dogs warm if Halloween is chilly.

Perfect for: Toy breeds, and little or short dogs.

best small dog halloween costumes
Small Dog Halloween Costumes - cow
Frisco Happy Cow Dog Costume
Small Dog Halloween Costumes
Pet Krewe Sesame Street Elmo Costume
Small Dog Halloween Costumes - taco dog
Frisco Taco Dog Costume

Walking Dog Halloween Costumes

“The main effect of the costume is in the front,” explains Hu. Often with an extra set of “limbs” attached in the front, walking dog costumes, like California Costumes’ UPS delivery driver costume, make it look like the Halloween character is standing up or walking toward you.

Perfect for: Smaller dogs and doggies on the go!

best walking dog Halloween costumes
walking dog halloween costume - sloth
Frisco Walking Pirate Dog Costume
walking dog Halloween costume - yoda
Rubie's Walking Yoda Dog Costume
front walking dog halloween costume - thor
Rubie's Walking Thor Dog Costume

Halloween Costumes for Girl Dogs

All costumes sold on Chewy are technically gender-neutral, and Hu assures that “there’s ample clearance in all our [private label Frisco brand] costumes for the dogs to go potty.” That said, sometimes a super feminine style is the perfect fit for Fluffy. How sweet would Rubie’s Costume Company’s Minnie Mouse dog costume look on your little lady?

Perfect for: Girl dogs, dainty dogs or fluffy breeds.

Halloween Costumes for Girl Dogs
Halloween Costumes for Girl Dogs  - wonder woman
Rubie's Wonder Woman Costume
Halloween Costumes for Girl Dogs - snow white
Rubie's Snow White Dog Costume
Halloween Costumes for Girl Dogs - princess
Frisco Princess Dog Costume

Halloween Costumes for Boy Dogs

Your big or little guy would look great embodying a leading male character, such as Woody from “Toy Story.” Another classic option, also from Rubie’s Costume Company, is Batman. These Halloween costumes often include headpieces or accessories that complete the look.

Perfect for: Boy dogs or larger breeds.

Halloween Costumes for boy Dogs
dog Halloween costumes - batman
Rubie's Batman Dog Costume
boy dog halloween costume - mickey mouse
Rubie's Mickey Mouse Dog Costume
boy dog costume - waldo
Rubie's Where's Waldo Costume

Funny Dog Costumes

Many dog parents are just looking for a costume that will make people laugh. One of Hu’s favorite funny dog costumes is the Frisco Avocado dog costume. “The avocado costume is super simple and a great fit for big dogs." she says. Got a second, small dog or cat? Pair it with our bread costume for a play on avocado toast.

Perfect for: Dogs who love to ham it up

best funny dog costumes for Halloween
funny dog costume - hot dog
Frisco Hot Dog Dog Costume
funny dog costume - oscar the grouch costume
Pet Krewe Oscar The Grouch Costume
funny dog costume - shark
Frisco Granny Dog Costume

Cute Dog Halloween Costumes

If you want your friends and family to comment “Aww!” on your IG photos, you need to check out cute dog Halloween costumes. The ultimate in cuteness is an animal dressed as a different animal, so you might want to consider the Frisco Walking Teddy Bear dog costume or Frisco Pig dog costume.

Perfect for: The dog who’s ready for their close-up, the dog with their own Instagram account.

Cute Dog Halloween Costumes
cute dog halloween costumes pig.
Frisco Pig Dog Costume
cute dog halloween costumes bee
Frisco Bumble Bee Dog Costume
cute dog halloween costume - aviator
Rubie's Aviator Hat & Scarf Dog Costume

Scary Dog Costumes

A Chucky doll-inspired costume, a werewolf, Freddy Krueger—Hu thinks this category of scary dog costumes is surging because millennials with more disposable income are ready to splurge a little on their pets. “Dog parents are looking for styles that fit their interests, so we drew on pop culture phenomenon,” she says.

Perfect for: Intimidating dogs who really want to get in character, or sweet dogs for an ironic twist.

Scary Dog Costumes
scary dog costumes headless horseman
Frisco Headless Rider Dog Costume
scary dog costume
Frisco Walking Killer Doll Costume
scary dog costume - freddy krueger
Rubie's Freddy Krueger Costume

Halloween Accessories

Is your dog uncomfortable wearing a full-on costume? For the dog who just wants to dip a claw into the Halloween costume pool, accessories are a good place to start. Halloween dog bandanas and Halloween dog collars are low-key, yet spooky-cute touches. How adorable—and fashionable—is the Mommy’s Lil Pumpkin bandana from Frisco?

Perfect for: Dogs who prefer to be naked, or fashion newbies.

Halloween dog bandanas
dog halloween bandana with name
Frisco Pumpkins Personalized Bandana
dog halloween collar
Frisco Flying Ghosts Dog Halloween Collar
dog halloween bandana
Frisco "I Do Tricks For Treats" Halloween Dog Bandana

Even after narrowing it down, you could have a hard time deciding. You may just want to order a few and have a little fashion show to see what looks and feels best on your dog. If you have multiple dogs in your family, try dressing them in complimentary costumes. Happy Halloween!

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