8 Must-Have Chihuahua Gifts for Dog Lovers

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8 Must-Have Chihuahua Gifts for Dog Lovers

If you know anyone who lives with a lively, friendly, devoted and entertaining Chihuahua, Chihuahua gifts are a must. While it is easy to pinpoint a perfect gift for this breed (ahem, a chew toy), finding Chihuahua gifts for dog lovers and Chihuahua parents sometimes can feel like a challenge. However, as long as the item is Chihuahua-centric, the gift recipient should be nothing short of ecstatic.

With a spunky pup by their side, Chihuahua pet parents also need decorative items that show off their bold side—and Chihuahua pride! Check out these eight Chihuahua gifts for dog lovers.

1. Chihuahua Coffee Mug

chihuahua mug

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A kiss from your Chihuahua is a great way to wake up, but add a hot cup of coffee and your morning gets even better. Sipping from Dimension 9’s Dog Breed coffee mug will start your day off on the right paw. The durable ceramic coffee mug features a charming Chihuahua image on the front and black paw prints on the top, inner rim. Charming and functional, it holds up to 8 ounces of liquid and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Chihuahua parents can either bring the mug to work to show off their unbounding love for their canine companions or simply sip and savor from the comfort of home.

2. “It’s Not a Home Without a Chihuahua” Sign

Chihuahua sign

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No house is fully a home without a Chihuahua. Parents of the feisty breed can express that fact proudly with Imagine This Company’s “It’s Not a Home Without a Chihuahua” sign.

This Chihuahua gift is both thoughtful and makes a perfect decorative accent. The 10-inch by 5-inch wooden sign has an endearing picture of a Chihuahua and several red paw prints within the quoted saying, and it comes with an attached rope for hanging. It’s both a cute way to express your Chihuahua love and adds flair to any household room.

3. Chihuahua Street Sign

chihuahua street signs

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Dog gifts come in all shapes and sizes, and a Chihuahua Court street sign from Imagine That Company tells recipients just where they are located—no GPS required! This authentic-looking, Kelly green decorative street sign is made out of durable plastic and features boldfaced white lettering printed on both sides.

Measuring 18 inches by 6 inches, the sign easily can be hung from the two holes at the far right and far left top corners. This unique Chihuahua gift can be placed in a home’s entryway, on the mailbox or even at the top of the pup’s dog house, so every visitor knows exactly where they’ve arrived, and who owns the street!

4. Chihuahua Figurine

Chihuahua figurine

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A miniature figurine of your best friend makes the perfect desk accessory, and reminds you who eagerly awaits you at home. Conversation Concepts’ Chihuahua figurine measures 5 inches long by 13 inches high and naturally adds beauty to a room, sparks conversation from friends and commemorates the recipient’s favorite four-legged friend.

5. “101 Uses for a Chihuahua” Book

chihuahua book

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Chihuahuas are proof that big personalities can come in small frames. “101 Uses for a Chihuahuas,” published by Willow Creek Press, is a humorous book and showcases the many “jobs” Chihuahuas are eager to take on, such as garbage disposal, backseat driver and home security alarm.

With pages full of comical and charming photography of Chihuahuas tackling their many “duties” and self-appointed household roles, this engaging book makes an ideal gift for dog lovers who love seeing their favorite breed exhibit this delightful, amusing behavior.

chihuahua GIF

Wouldn’t it be great if your Chihuahua could take over grocery shopping duties? Credit via: Privilège: Animal Faune Univers/Youtube.com

6. “Chihuahuas for Dummies” Book

chihuahua book

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Sometimes Chihuahua parents desperately need an owner’s manual on this feisty, energetic toy breed. Luckily, Jacqueline O’Neil, a renowned dog breeder, exhibitor and trainer, wrote “Chihuahuas for Dummies, 2nd Edition,” a comprehensive guide of everything a Chihuahua lover could possibly need to know about these fearless pups. Designed to be an all-inclusive guide to raising a Chihuahua, content includes grooming, training, feeding and healthcare advice for the breed.

Chihuahua GIF

Learn how to properly bathe your Chihuahua. Credit: via Whutta Pup/Youtube.com

In addition to proper Chihuahua care, the book includes essential information you need to know, but may not think to ask—such as how to prevent common behavioral issues, socializing the breed with children and other animals, and fun tricks to teach. This ideal gift delivers the information in a conversational tone and with entertaining anecdotes.

7. “I Love My Chihuahua” Sticker

chihuahua bumper sticker

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No list of gifts for dog lovers is complete without the classic expression of doggy-love: the “I Love My [Insert Dog Breed]” magnet. Imagine This Company’s bone-shaped magnet reads, “I Love My Chihuahua,” on a 2-inch by 7-inch magnetic bone and is the perfect present.

As a magnet, it can stick to any metal, including car bumpers, filing cabinets, shelving units and refrigerators. Easily removable, the weatherproof magnet can be placed indoors or out.

8. Petmate Kennel Cab and Carrier

small pet carrier for chihuahua

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Chihuahuas love to stay by their human parent’s sides, and Chihuahua lovers generally feel the same way! To ensure seamless travel with your canine companion, a small airline dog carrier makes a phenomenal gift.

The Petmate Soft Sided Pet Kennel Cab and Carrier features a two-door design that allows you to place the dog inside from the front or through the top. Mesh walls enable the pup to breathe easy and enjoy healthy airflow.

The plush bottom provides optimum comfort for the Chihuahua, and comes with both a shoulder strap and carrying handle, which means parents are comfy, too. The carrier has PVC backing for durability and a rear pocket for storing treats, a dog leash an

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