12 Dog Water Toys for a Splashing Good Time This Summer

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12 Dog Water Toys for a Splashing Good Time This Summer

During the summer, there’s nothing like spending time in the water to beat the heat. Taking your four-legged best friend with you for a dip in the pool, lake or ocean? If your pup’s spirit animal is a fish, then dog water toys are a must-have.

Dog water toys offer a great way to exercise your pup and keep them cool for the summer. Plus, like regular outdoor dog toys, dog water toys can be used on land, too, for days when you want to stay dry.

So, whether you’re heading to the pool or the dog beach, bring a towel, lather on some sunscreen, pack a bag—you can even pack your dog their own bag with Outward Hound’s DayPak—and make a splash with these 12 floating dog water toys.

dog water toys - whale toy

Petlou SeaWarrior Whale Dog Toy

This plush whale is meant for water play. Created with heavy-duty nylon, this dog water toy was built to withstand tough jaws and the rough seas—well, more like waves in the pool or ocean. For dogs who like noise makers, this toy includes puncture-proof squeakers for fun that lasts. One size. $14.23


Kurgo Skipping Stones

These skipping stones are as much for you as they are for your dog. The stone-shaped toys are designed to skip over water like real rocks, but they float instead of sink. The bright colors also make them easy to spot. Made to be super chew-resistant, they’re non-toxic and dishwasher safe. One size. $12.95.

dog water toys - skipping rocks
dog water toys - fake stick

Petstages Dogwood Stick Dog Chew

Instead of tossing any ol’ stick around, pick up Petstage’s Dogwood chew toy, which is safer (no splinters for your dog to swallow) and less messy. It’s made with real wood and durable synthetic material to safely satisfy your dog’s urge to chew. Plus, like real wood, this stick can float on the water. Sizes: Petite, Small, Large. $8.99


ZippyPaws Floaterz

Floating toys may just get your dog swimming. This ring-shaped dog water toy uses “Z-Stitch technology,” which makes it extra durable with cross-stitching and a strong border webbing design. When water play ends, the fun doesn’t have to because ZippyPaws Floaterz have a soft, stuffed animal head to chew on. Choose from three animals: shark, walrus and turtle. One size. $7.99-$8.20

dog water toy - shark toy
dog water toys - flying squirrel

Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Dog Toy

If your dog loves chasing squirrels, there’s a good chance they’ll love chasing this flying squirrel toy from Chuckit! It floats, making it perfect for flinging around the pool, lake or ocean. Does your dog never want the fetching fun to end? You can extend playtime thanks to the four glow-in-the-dark corners that make it easier to see after the sun sets. Sizes: Small and Medium. $8.69


Outward Hound Floatiez Crab Dog Water Toy

Is your dog crabby because they’re not getting enough water time? This adorable crab water toy will turn that frown upside down. A foam noddle helps to keep it floating upright, and it features a squeaker for added excitement. It’s just too cute to pass up! One size. $8.15

dog water toys - crab
West Paw Zogoflex Jive Tough Ball Dog Toy

West Paw Zogoflex Jive Dog Toy

If you’re looking for something eco-friendly, this wacky-shaped ball might fit the bill. It’s 100-percent recyclable. The shape gives the ball an erratic bounce to keep pups on their toes. For dogs who love to swim, it stays afloat, making it an ideal dog pool toy or dog beach toy. Plus, it’s easy to clean; just throw it in the dishwasher and you’re set! Sizes: Small and Large. $15.95


Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Disc

This flying disc floats on the water for some paw-some games of fetch on the beach or at the pool. While it is not a chew toy, it is designed to be gentle on a pup’s teeth and durable enough to withstand daily play. Comes in a 1 pack or 2 pack. One size. $7.95

dog water toys- hyper pet flying disc
dog water toy - duck diver

Chuckit! Amphibious Duck Diver Dog Water Toy

This dog toy may not walk or talk like a duck, but when it’s floating on the water, it sure looks like one. Its self-righting technology ensures it always floats upright so that the end with the duck tail design sticks out of the water. It fits into the Chuckit! Launcher, too, so you can really give it some distance and let it fly. One size. $9.88


Nerf Dog Atomic Flyer Dog Toy

This doughnut-shaped dog toy features a curved lip like a Frisbee to maximize your throw game. The thermoplastic rubber enables the toy to float, so you can bring it on trips to the beach or the pool, and the bright red color makes it easy to spot. One size. $7.99.

dog water toys - Nerf Flyer
dog water toys - rogz grinz smiley face

Rogz Grinz Treat Ball Dog Toy

Smile! That’s what your four-legged friend will do when they get this silly dog toy. Rogz Grinz’s treat ball has a goofy grin design and serves as a toss toy that can be thrown on land or the sea. When you bring playtime inside, use the toy’s treat compartment to hide goodies in and keep your pup further entertained. Sizes: Small, Medium, Large. $11.85


Tuffy’s Ultimate Tug-O-War Dog Toy

Constructed for hardcore chewers, this tug-of-war dog toy is made with multiple layers of material that are bonded and sewn together (with 7 seams, no less!). Because it floats, you won’t have to worry about this toy getting lost in the water. Plus, when it gets dirty, you can toss it in the washing machine. One size. $15.96

dog water toys - Tuffy's tug-of-war toy

Need More Dog Water Toys?

Still haven't found the right dog water toy for your pup? Here are a few more to choose from:

Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Ball Tough Dog Toy
dog water toys - Chuckit! ball
Nerf Dog Super Soaker Toss & Tug Toy
Bravecto Chews for Dogs, 44-88 lbs
Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Artichoke Dog Toy
Planet dog foodies

With all the options in dog water toys, the “dog days of the summer” can’t come soon enough! Be sure to keep your dog hydrated with fresh water (the Prima Pets collapsible travel bowl is easy and convenient to take anywhere), and when playing around a pool or a beach, keep account of your pup’s safety while swimming.

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