7 Summer Dogs Who Know How to Beat the Heat

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7 Summer Dogs Who Know How to Beat the Heat

If you plan on taking advantage of those long summer months with your furry BFF, that means spending lots of quality time in the great outdoors. After all, snuggling up with your pup in front of a warm fire and Animal Planet isn’t the only way to bond—sunny skies and warm breezes mean it’s time to pack up, gear up and run through greener pastures for some summer dog adventures.

Check out how some of the cutest pups on the Internet beat the heat and keep it cool–even when it’s hot under the collar.

1. Yoshi

Pups like Yoshi enjoy a good day by the pool, too, you know! After a session of dog swimming, he knows there’s nothing like lounging out by the water. But how do you beat the heat on patio concrete? A Frisco elevated pet bed keeps Yoshi a cool dog by lifting him off the ground and letting that breeze flow beneath his belly and through the tight breathable fabric.

2. Happy

This summer, the dog wearing sunglasses trend is totally in! This corgi looks like a rock star while protecting her eyes from the biggest star there is with a pair of Doggles goggles. We may not know where she’s headed, but she’s certainly ready for anything.

3. Pache

Summer isn’t just about warming up—it’s about cooling down, too. Pache is one cool dog who leaves the heat at the door with the help of a cooling bed. Perfect for those days when he just can’t beat the heat. After all, if you can’t beat ’em–take a nap!

When your haute dog is ready for a cool nap, borrow Pache’s great idea with a bed like K&H’s Cool Bed III, an electricity-free option made for comfort and cooling off.

4. Zoe

It’s important to stay hydrated—and summer dog Zoe knows all about that! This bottle and bowl combo is easy for her human to fill and carry on their many adventures, and it’s so easy that she can quickly get back to the fun part of summer. Help keep your pup hydrated and cool with the Highwave AutoDogMug. With it, simply squeeze the 20-ounce bottle to fill the attached bowl for drinking, then relax your grip and the remaining water returns to the bottle.

Summer days are the perfect setting for a day at the dog park, local lake or your own backyard—and these Internet pups know the one rule for outdoor play: B.Y.O.T. That is, Bring Your Own Toy.

5. Leroy

On a hot summer day, there’s nothing like a good splash to melt the heat away. Leroy and his mom sure have the right idea—they’re turning a game of fetch into a cool-down routine! Follow the example of this cool dog whenever you’re out for a fun day on the lake. Bring a fun waterproof toy like the Chuckit! Ultra ball paired with the Chuckit! Classic Launcher for a tail-wagging good time. If you’re too far from any bodies of water, bring the fun at home using water sprinklers.

6. Primrose

No matter the weather, Primrose loves to chew, and she’ll give her mom her best puppy dog eyes when she’s ready for a refill of treats in her KONG toy for puppies! For other pups just like Primrose, here’s a summer tip: When it gets too hot to trot, fill your BFF’s favorite KONG with a yummy treat—like peanut butter, wet food or a mashed banana—and toss it into the freezer. Instant “pupcicle.”

7. Yogi

For Yogi, staying cool is all about being in the water. Dog swimming is his No. 1 favorite pastime—and who could blame him? Water is one of the most refreshing ways to beat the heat and have fun!

Yogi makes sure to stay safe during his water play with the Outward Hound RipStop life jacket. For all water adventures, Yogi brings his safety jacket along with some yummy dog treats.

Living life with a cool dog is nothing short of an adventure, and summer can be the most audacious time of all. The most important tool you have to enjoy your summer together isn’t a bed or a toy—it’s the awesome bonding power of the outdoors.

So, bring on the sun, the heat and maybe even a dog Hawaiian shirt, too. Doggie Design’s camp shirt comes in two sizes and features surfboards and palms, making it a great dog Hawaiian shirt for your hip pup. No matter what this season brings, you’ll be ready to take it all in style.

By: Rachel Stroecker

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