9 Spooktacular Large Dog Halloween Costumes

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large dog halloween costumes - larger and giant breeds
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9 Spooktacular Large Dog Halloween Costumes

Think Halloween is a little dog’s game? Think again! Bigger dogs don’t have to miss out on the fun this Halloween. There are large dog Halloween costumes that would be a perfect fit for your sizable four-legged friend.

Ready to find the perfect large dog costume? We’ve pulled together nine howl-worthy Halloween costumes for large breed dogs, all of which come in at least an XL, XXL or even XXXL. (Pro tip: Just like human clothes, sizes vary between brands, so be sure check the size chart for each costume to make sure you pick the best size for your dog’s measurements.) Happy haunting!

large dog halloween costumes - shark image


Frisco Shark Attack Dog Costume

If your large-and-in-charge pup is always up to something fishy, the Frisco Shark Attack Dog Costume could be a perfect choice. With its mean mugging eyes and plush-stuffed fins, it’s sure to have people swarming over to be shark bait. But don’t worry—it’s soft, white felt teeth are more bark than bite. Sizes L, XL & XXL. Up to $16.99


large dog halloween costumes - Star Wars Chewbacca


Rubie's Costume Company Chewbacca Dog Costume

The force is sure to be with your large dog when they’re wearing this Chewbacca costume. The faux-fur, hooded costume comes with an attached bandolier and pouch so your pup will be ready for battle (or at least have place to store their treats). And honestly, isn’t a Chewie costume the obvious choice? Chewbacca towered over others, was covered in fur and was a lifelong friend to his human counterpart, Han Solo. Sounds a lot like your dog, right? Sizes L, XL, XXL & 3XL. Up to $29.99


large dog halloween costumes - hot dog


Frisco Hotdog Dog Costume

Turn any dog into a wiener dog with this deliciously adorable dog costume. It’s a one-piece costume, which makes it easy to put on and take off, and has neck and belly straps to keep it from sliding. It’s all topped off with a squirt of ketchup, mustard and relish. With this costume, your precious pupper will be both a hot dog and haute dog! Sizes L, XL & XXL. Up to $16.99


large dog halloween costumes- pirate


Frisco Walking Pirate Dog Costume

This Frisco Walking Pirate Dog Costume will turn your big doggo into a swashbuckling hero. The two-piece set includes a front-walking body piece, complete with a hook arm, and an adjustable pirate hat headpiece. Great for Halloween or pillaging ships for their gold. Sizes L, XL & XXL. Up to $17.99


large dog halloween costumes - wonder woman


Rubie's Costume Company Wonder Woman Dog

Finally, your large dog can dress like they superhero they are. This fierce and fabulous Wonder Woman costume is made up of two pieces: a metallic dress with easy-on-and-off Velcro closure and a flashy gold tiara to top it off. Strong and brave, your dog was born to play the role of an Amazon warrior princess. Sizes L, XL, XXL & 3XL. Up to $27.97


large dog halloween costumes - spider


Frisco Spider Dog Costume

This two-piece spider dog costume from Frisco will have you howling with delight when you see it in action! The spider legs jiggle for a life-like effect as your boo-tiful hound scampers around scaring up fun. Who knew a creepy crawly spider could be so cute? Sizes L, XL & XXL. Up to $16.99


large dog halloween costumes - spider man


Rubie's Costume Company Spider Man Dog Costume

Speaking of spiders, this Spider-Man costume will transform your pooch into everyone’s favorite webslinger. This officially-licensed Marvel superhero costume includes a bright red-and-blue shirt with webbed design and the iconic spider logo. A red mask with ear holes and Spidey’s distinctive white eyes completes the disguise. Your large dog will look super cute as your friendly, four-legged neighborhood Spider-Man. Sizes L, XL, XXL & 3XL. Up to $24


large dog halloween costumes - pumpkin


Frisco Pumpkin Dog Costume

How about a classic pumpkin for your pup-kin this Halloween? This adorable two-piece set features a plush Jack-o’-lantern body with a sequined green leaf collar, plus a matching pumpkin cap with an adjustable toggle for a snug fit. The two Velcro straps make for an easy on/off costume. Sizes L, XL & XXL. Up to $17.99


large dog halloween costumes - vampire


Frisco Vampire Dog Costume

Turn your dog into a furry Dracula (Dog-ula?) with this vampire cape. It’s a great option for dogs who are not comfortable in more elaborate costumes. It’s just one piece and it has a Velcro band around the belly to keep it in place. The red satin trim, bow and upright collar add some drama to this otherwise simple garment. Sizes M/L, XL/XXL, and 3XL. Up to $12.99


Whichever costume you choose, one thing is certain—these large dog Halloween costumes will have your big woofer looking cute as can be for Halloween.

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