Pamper Your Pet With These Vet-Recommended Holiday Gifts for Dogs & Cats

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Pamper Your Pet With These Vet-Recommended Holiday Gifts for Dogs & Cats

This holiday season, pamper your pet from head to toe and inside-out with gifts that not only keep them warm and cozy but boast health and wellness benefits, too.

From plush bolster beds that help support your pet's joints to food dispensing toys that help keep your pet entertained and mentally active, here are Chewy’s Resident Vet Dr. Katy Nelson's favorite gifts for dogs and cats, in her own words.

Give the gift of comfort

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We all know the difference a good mattress makes for our sleep quality and joint health. Well, it matters for our pets, too!

The Frisco Plush Orthopedic Bolster Bed ($54+) is perfect for all ages of pup or kitty.

  • It provides maximum cushion for achy joints.
  • It has easy entry with the cut-out bolster.
  • It’s easy to keep clean thanks to its removable cover.
  • It comes in three sizes: L, XL and XXL.
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Give the gift of warmth

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Ditch the ugly sweaters and opt for adorable sweaters—like these Frisco Reindeer Fair Isle Sweaters ($15+) for dogs and cats—that are equal parts fashionable and warm.

  • For pets with thinner coats or very young or elderly pets who may not have great thermoregulation, sweaters can help to keep them warm while still looking cool.
  • Plus, these particular Frisco sweaters have built-in leash holes that allow you to strut your pet out in style.
  • They're available in three sizes: XS, S and M.
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Give the gift of holiday cheer

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Get your pets ready to meet Jolly Old Saint Nick in this festive two-piece Frisco Holiday Antler Headband and Bell Collar Costume ($11+)!

  • Size down for kitties and up for the pups.
  • The adjustable elastic chin strap makes it an easy on/off for your pets.
  • The jingly bell collar can be easily worn over your pet’s regular collar, so you can leash up easily!
  • It’s available in three sizes: XS/S, M/L and XL/XXL.
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Give the gift of food fun

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Cats are hunters, and when they’re cooped up in the house being fed out of a bowl, not only can they get bored, but they can get pretty chunky, too.

One way to stimulate their brains and get them a little exercise is through Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Feeder Kit ($17 for three feeders)!

  • It comes with three dishwasher-safe interactive feeders shaped like mice that you can stuff with your kitty’s dry food.
  • It's easy to use: Add your kitty’s favorite food, and then hide the feeder around the house, so your kitty can find them and “work” for their food!
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Give the gift of, well, more food

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Dinnertime can be difficult in multi-cat and -dog households, especially if everyone is eating a different diet! And for those long days at the office where you can’t make it home in time to feed your pets? Here’s your solution: the PortionPro Rx Automated RFID Dog & Cat Feeder ($250).

  • It uses patented technology to determine which pet has approached the feeder and only allows the correct pet to eat from the feeder.
  • It dispenses a pre-programmed amount to ensure calorie control.
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Give the gift of long-distance treats

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Now that we’re all headed back to the office after a couple of years at home, how can we stay in touch with our pets (including and especially those who may experience separation anxiety) and let them know we’re thinking of them, even if we’re away from home? With the Petcube Bites 2 Interactive Treat Dispenser Camera ($125).

This cool, techy toy allows you to…

  • See your pet with a new and improved HD camera,
  • Hear and speak to your pet via the two-way audio, and
  • Give them a treat when they’re being the good boys and girls we know they are!
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Give the gift of a stress-free holiday

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Anxiety runs high during the holidays, not only for people but for many pets, too.

For dogs, Purina’s Pro Plan Veterinary Calming Care Supplements ($34+) helps with anxiety from the inside out.

  • It also helps to regulate a pup’s GI tract.
  • It's available in four sizes: 30-, 45-, 90- and 135-count.

It’s one of my favorite products to recommend to my patients, and I’m such a believer in this product that my own dog takes this every day with his food.

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For kitties who are feeling a little “on edge” this holiday season, Feliway’s MultiCat plug-in diffusers and sprays can help to prevent or reduce stress and help kitties cope with bad behavior triggers.

  • These products feature a copy of the feline pheromone from the mammary gland after a mother gives birth to kittens to create a state of calmness and comfort to alleviate tension and conflict between cats.
  • The plug-in reaches over 700 square feet.
  • The spray can be used on the go (even in carriers) to create a zen environment wherever you are.
  • The Feliway bundle, which comes with both products, costs $47.
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Give the gift of mental stimulation

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When it’s cold and nasty out, pets may not be getting as much physical exercise. One way to keep them entertained and mentally stimulated is to introduce new toys and games. Fun treats can be great for training as you teach your dog a few new tricks.

Chewy Goody Boxes are packed with fun items to stimulate your pet’s senses and satisfy their bellies. And this holiday season, pet parents can pick up the Holiday Goody Box for dogs and cats.

The $28 Holiday Goody Box for dogs has five gifts, including:

  • Two plush squeaky toys
  • Two treats
  • A holiday-themed bandana
  • Want to know what specific products are in these boxes? View details of small/medium box here and medium/large box here. Photo shows small/medium Holiday Goody Box.
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For cats, the $28 holiday Goody Box comes with six total gifts, including:

  • Three plush toys
  • Two treats
  • A cozy plaid blanket
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Give the gift of plushy toys!

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And finally, don’t forget to leave out the milk and cookies for Santa this holiday season—and let your pets participate, too!

For dogs, the adorable five-piece Frisco Holiday Cookie Baking Sheet ($13) comes with squeaky toys that'll be a hit for any pup to find under the tree on Christmas morning.

  • The toys include a baking sheet and four “cookies,” including a tree, candy cane, gingerbread man and Santa face.
  • Each toy has plush stuffing.
  • The cookies can be stuck to and removed from the sheet for an interactive play sesh.
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For cats, five-piece Frisco’s Holiday Mice Cat Toy ($9):

  • Comes with holiday-themed mice toys filled with a plush stuffing
  • Includes catnip and crinkle paper for extra-fun playtime
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Now that you have your under-the-tree gifts picked out, it's time to stuff those stockings! You'll find some stocking stuffer ideas for dogs here and our favorite stocking stuffers for cats here.

Don't forget to stop by Chewy's Holiday Shop for even more gift ideas.


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