6 Bear Dog Toys and Other Products to Bring Out the Inner Bear In Your Dog

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6 Bear Dog Toys and Other Products to Bring Out the Inner Bear In Your...

Everyone knows bears love honey, hibernating and picnic baskets. But did you know bears are also huge Chewy fans?

That, at least, is our takeaway after watching security camera footage of a bear stealing a Chewy box from the front porch of a home in Pennsylvania. The clip of a black bear carefully pulling a large Chewy box down the front steps and away into the surrounding forest has racked up over 1.4 million views since it was first shared on Facebook by a local news anchor earlier this month, turning the resourceful animal into the most notorious (and adorable) criminal on the internet. (Don’t worry, Chewy replaced its contents free of charge.)

According to the family who lives in the house, the box contained dog food—nothing especially exciting for a bear used to snacking on fresh salmon and wild fruits. Maybe this particular thief was hoping to find a more personalized prize for himself instead. Check out these un-bear-ably cute bear-themed dog toys and products that might just appeal to your own grizzly.

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Frisco Plush Squeaking Bear Dog Toy

Your dog chasing and biting a real bear? Bad idea. Your pup playing with this soft, squeaky bear dog toy? Adorable! This Frisco bear dog toy comes with a squeaker to hold your pup’s attention, and is made of plush fabric that’s softer than the average bear (literally). It’s just one of several bear toys in Frisco’s plush toy line, which also includes cows, foxes, alligators, sloths and even a plush Chewy box, giving your dog the chance to reenact that porchfront theft.

Get Frisco’s plush squeaking bear dog toy.

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TrustyPup Fuzzy Bear Foot Chew Guard Plush Dog Toy

Your pup already plays with their bare paws. Now they can also play with their bear feet! This bear foot dog toy might look like the real thing, but it’s made of faux fur and contains a squeaker inside. Good news for parents of pups with bear-level strength: This toy uses TrustyPup’s uniquely strong liner to help it stand up to extra powerful teeth and paws. It comes in three sizes, so any pup can comfortably walk around with this foot in their mouth, pretending they just took down a grizzly.

Get TrustyPup’s bear foot dog toy.

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PetRageous Designs Acadia Bear Turtleneck Dog Sweater

If the popularity of the Chewy box theft video is any indication, one thing is clear: Bears are so hot right now. Why not prep your pup for this trend with a bear-themed sweater? This turtleneck is heavy-knit to keep dogs warm in the coming fall and winter seasons, keeping pups as warm and comfortable in cooler weather as a bear in his cozy cave. And it's machine washable and dryer friendly, just in case things get a little messy out in the forest (or wherever else your dog is strutting their stuff). Be sure to measure your four-legged bear fan to ensure the right fit.

Get PetRageous Designs’ bear turtleneck dog sweater.

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Tuffy’s Zoo Bear Dog Toy

Just like the name implies, Tuffy’s bear dog toy is designed to stand up to the strongest of pets. It’s made with pet safety in mind, stuffed with non-toxic fiber and tucking its squeaker inside a safety pocket. And with a whole seven seams holding it together, your pup can drag it up and down the porch steps all they want—this bear is built to last.

Get Tuffy’s Zoo Bear dog toy.

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Ruff Dawg Gummy Bear Dog Toy

No, gummy bears aren’t considered safe snacks for dogs. But Ruff Dawg’s stuffable gummy bear dog toy is the next best thing. Pet parents can stuff the hole in the center of the bear with treats to give their dogs a tasty experience, and its durable rubber is lightly vanilla scented for added sensory appeal. Get ready for a delicious game of fetch!

Get Ruff Dawg’s gummy bear dog toy.

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Charlee Bear Natural Bear Crunch Chicken, Pumpkin & Apple Grain-Free Dog Treats

Packed with delicious and healthy ingredients like pumpkin and apples, these grain-free dog treats are a seasonal way to get in on the bear trend. Each treat contains less than three calories, and they’re stain-, grease-, and smell-free to save your pockets and carpet while they’re delighting your pup. And don’t worry, these snacks incorporate bears in name only–no bears were harmed in the production of these treats.

Get Charlee Bear’s bear crunch dog treats.

Bears and dogs are not ideal playmates in real life, but there are so many ways to bring a bear theme into your pup’s playtime. Just remember to bring your Chewy box inside ASAP, or you could end up with a bear-y hungry ursine visitor on your own front stoop!

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