8 Best Plush Dog Toys for Your Pup

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8 Best Plush Dog Toys for Your Pup

Soft, squeaky and cute, dog plush toys fetch the hearts of humans and dogs alike. Whether used for squeaky play, a cuddly companion in your pet’s bed or a comforting companion on a road trip, soft toys carry the scent of home and provide hours of fun all in a super cute package.

When it’s time for gifting your stuffed dog toys, you’ll find a wide assortment representing every creature known to mankind—and a few that live only in fantasy.

Let’s take a look at some popular plush dog toys that all have four-star ratings or higher on Chewy.com. You’ll also find some with special features that help earn them the title of best plush dog toys.

1. Frisco Plush Squeaking Cow Dog Toys

Frisco plush dog toy

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Get your phone ready; you’ll want to capture your dog’s reaction to his new squeaking toy.

This adorable squeaky toy is made of ultra-soft fabric, made to be an ideal cuddle buddy for nap time. Plus, there’s minimal stuffing for less mess.

2. GoDog Checkers Chew Guard Rooster Dog Toy

GoDog plush dog toys

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Despite their soft feel, these dog plush toys are designed to be as tough as they come thanks to their proprietary Chew Guard Technology. This chew-resistant technology adds a durable liner to the plush fabric.

Double-stitched seams help to keep the rooster’s legs in place, even during a spirited game of tug-of-war. Multiple squeakers give pups something to crow about.

3. Hartz Hedgehog Dog Toy

Hartz Plush Dog Toys

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Does your dog have a hankering for chasing small animals? Channel that instinct into a hunt for this plush hedgie.

Sized for small dogs, the toys contain squeakers designed to let the thrill of the hunt end with the joy of the squeak. This dog toy is created for pups of all ages.

4. Hear Doggy Silent Squeaker Whale Dog Toy

Hear Doggy Plush Dog Toy

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If you’re traveling or simply prefer squeak-free toys, this and the other plush dog toys in the Hear Doggy line might be a great fit for you. This plush toy hides an ultrasonic squeaker with such a high pitch that while your dog enjoys the squeaking, you’ll never hear a thing.

5. KONG Duck Dog Toy

KONG Plush Dog Toy

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Created from quality, nontoxic materials, this duck toy contains no stuffing to help the small and extra-small sized toy last for many play sessions to come. Plus, if your pup’s love for dog plush toys lasts longer than the squeaker, have no fear: The squeakers, are easy to replace and the toy ships with an extra squeaker.

6. Outward Hound Hide A Bird Dog Toy

outward hound hide a bird dog plush toy

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Three little birds do their best to hide inside the plush birdhouse, but they’re no match for your dog, who might just love this hide-and-seek toy. Designed for keeping your pup busy, this toy challenges dogs to get all three birds out of the house.

When the mission’s accomplished, simply return the birds to their plush house and the fun is ready to begin again. Each bird contains a squeaker, an added reward for your dog.

7. KONG Wubba Dog Toy

KONG Wubba Plush Dog Toys

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Talk about multitasking, this plush dog toy combines the bounce of a tennis ball, the thrill of a squeak toy, the exercise of a toss toy and the comfort of a plush! The long legs and tails of this plush dog toy invite a game of toss, fetch and tug-of-war. When playtime’s done, your pup can return to his bed for a quiet snuggle with this super soft plush toy and dream about your next play session.

8. Petstages Stuffing-Free Gator Dog Toy

Petstages Gator Plush Dog Toys

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This toy is made for pet parents who have steered clear of dog stuffed toys for worries of spending the day picking up fluff. It comes with two different-sounding squeakers to maintain your pup’s interest, and keeps squeaking even when the squeakers are punctured. Thanks to its capsule shape, this adorable plush toy doubles as a fetching toy as well.

As with all toys, it’s important to supervise your dog whenever he’s playing with plush toys. Luckily, watching your dog have fun is not a chore; it’s what being a best friend is all about.

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