10 Golden Retriever Gifts for Dog Lovers

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10 Golden Retriever Gifts for Dog Lovers

If you’re looking to impress someone with a Golden Retriever, you should know a golden rule of sorts: Nothing comes between a Golden Retriever owner and their dog. So, why not get them awesome Golden Retriever gifts featuring their favorite pup’s fuzzy face?

When it comes to loving their dogs, Golden Retriever pet parents are a breed apart. Like their four-legged friends, they are extremely loyal, and the bond they share with their dogs is as thick as fur.

Since Goldie fans wear their love on their sleeve, it only makes sense to gift them something that’ll allow them to wear their love on their shirts and coffee mugs, too. Check out ten Golden Retriever gifts that just may strike gold for the Goldie dog lovers in your life.

Golden Retriever Magnet

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Imagine This Company Golden Retriever Bone Magnet

Nothing represents the stick-to-itiveness of a Golden Retriever pet parent better than an “I Love My Golden Retriever” magnet. A great alternative to bumper stickers, this dog magnet shows the Goldie love without leaving any residue.

Made with high-gloss UV ink, the magnet is as strong as a Golden Retriever fan’s commitment and can withstand any weather—rain or shine. Because the magnet can be transferred from car to car and even the fridge or mailbox, this gift shows how true love knows no bounds.

Find the Golden Retriever bone magnet here.

Golden Retriever Gifts

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Avanti Linens Dog 2-Pack Hand Towel

They say when you get a Golden Retriever, you’ll never go to the bathroom alone again. For those Golden fans who appreciate a little privacy, these towels make adorable potty favors. Made of 100 percent cotton, they are almost as soft as fur, only more absorbent, and they’re machine washable.

Find Avanti Linens' Golden Retriever hand towels here.

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Primitives By Kathy "All You Need Is Love... And A Golden Retriever" Box Sign

No, this line didn’t make it into the final cut of The Beatles’ award-winning song, but as any Golden lover knows, that doesn’t make the statement any less true. Made with real wood and slightly distressed for a vintage look, these cute signs wreathed in paw prints make sweet Golden Retriever gifts for dog lovers of all walks of life. But Goldie fans who appreciate a classic, quirky line will especially treasure it.

Find the "All You Need Is Love... And A Golden Retriever" box sign here.

Golden Retriever Gifts

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Imagine This Company "It's Not a Home Without a Golden Retriever" Wood Breed Sign

Golden Retriever fans are big believers in signs. Just ask one, and they’ll tell you that when their Goldie wags their tail, it’s probably a sign they like you, or when they put their head on your lap, it’s a sign they want attention.

Spoiler alert: Most Golden Retrievers like just about everybody, and most (if not all!) Goldies enjoy attention. But you still can humor your Goldie fan with this adorable decorative sign. It’s made from wood and comes with an attached rope designed for easy hanging. While your friend will think it was especially made for them, these signs make great presents for dog lovers of all breeds.

Find the "It's Not a Home Without a Golden Retriever" wood sign here.

Golden Retriever Gifts

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The Mountain Big Face Golden Unisex Adult Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Made for the “in-your-face” Golden Retriever fan, this Golden Retriever T-shirt broadcasts the love of the breed in a unique, bold and unapologetic style. Made from 100 percent cotton, the shirt is hand-dyed with eco-friendly inks and then screen printed with a 3D graphic so realistic, the wearer of this Golden Retriever gift just might get a few double takes—and maybe even a few curious barks, too.

Find The Mountain's "Big Face" Golden Retriever T-shirt here.

Golden Retriever Gifts

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MetroVac Air Force Quick Draw Pet Dryer

Most Golden Retrievers are notorious water lovers and will frolic in any body of water they can find. That means a sopping wet coat that can take hours to dry completely.

Free your Goldie fan from being held hostage by a hand-held dryer with the MetroVac pet dryer. The lightweight and compact design makes it easy to grab when you need it. Plus, it’s made to dry your pup quickly, so you can get right to cuddling.

Find the MetroVac Air Force Quick Draw pet dryer here.

Golden Retriever Gifts

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"Your Golden Retriever Puppy Month By Month" by Terry Albert

Has someone you know recently gotten their own Golden Retriever puppy? Celebrate their new family member with the "Your Golden Retriever Puppy Month by Month" book by Terry Albert, a practical gift that'll give them the low-down on everything they need to know about each stage of their puppy's life, as well as vital infomation on vaccinations, basic training and more.

Find the "Your Golden Retriever Puppy Month By Month" book here.

Golden Retriever Gifts

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SportHooks Golden Retriever Dog Leash & Key Holder

This is one Golden Retriever gift that the recipient is practically guaranteed to use every day! Crafted of durable powder-coated steel, the SportHooks Golden Retriever leash and key holder features four hooks upon which one can use to hang their keys or the collars and leashes of their beloved Golden. Now, they can easily grab everything they need before getting pulled out the door by their playful canine.

Find SportHooks' Golden Retriever leash and key holder here.

Golden Retriever Gifts

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Pet Shop by Fringe Studio Happy Golden Retriever Coffee Mug

Any Golden Retriever parent knows that the breed has tons of energy. Help them keep up by gifting them a coffee mug that features their favorite furry pal. The Happy Golden Retriever coffee mug from Pet Shop by Fringe Studio is made with high-quality ceramic, holds 12 onces of liquid and is microwaveable and disherwasher-safe.

Find the "Happy Golden Retriever" coffee mug here.

Golden Retriever Gifts

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Goody Box

Even though these Goody Boxes were made for all dogs to enjoy, we are convinced the items were handpicked with Golden Retrievers in mind.  Each box comes with a special bundle that your Golden is sure to love — from tasty treats and cute plush toys to that picture-perfect bandana. So, whether they love to chew, snack or just look stylish, they're sure to love one of these special goody boxes. 

Find all Chewy Goody Boxes here.

No matter which of these Golden Retriever gifts you choose, you're sure to strike gold with the recipient—and their four-legged companion, too!

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