4 Uses for Your Chewy Box: DIY Games and Crafts for Kids

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4 Uses for Your Chewy Box: DIY Games and Crafts for Kids

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Bonus Craft Ideas:

Handheld Masks: Host your own kid-friendly masquerade. Print out the face of your pint-size helper’s favorite animal, cartoon character, TV or movie star, or famous personality (make sure it’s scaled to mask size). Glue it to a piece of cardboard, cut it out, and then cut out holes for the eyes and mouth. On the back side, attach a paint stick with a glue gun so your little ones can hold their super cool new masks.

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Spinners of Inspiration: Use a plate to trace two circles onto a Chewy box and cut them out (at least 6 inches wide). On one spinner, write the letters of the alphabet along the outer edge. On the other, draw lines across the circle and through the center so you have eight pie-shaped pieces. In each “slice,” write categories like drawing, charades, storytelling, rhyme time, titles, etc., and color them in. Draw arrows on another piece of cardboard and cut them out. Attach them to the circles with brass paper fasteners, but not too tightly so that they can spin. Take turns spinning both and then following the prompts. You might be drawing something that starts with “O” or telling a story about an animal that starts with the letter “T” or naming a book or movie title that starts with “B.” It’s a game with endless possibilities!

We hope this how-to gives you and your crafter-in-training tons of inspiration and brings out your creative side. Get started on your favorite Chewy box project and let us know how it turns out!

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