4 Uses for Your Chewy Box: DIY Games and Crafts for Kids

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4 Uses for Your Chewy Box: DIY Games and Crafts for Kids

Challenge Level 3: Bone or Fish Puzzle

This one is the craft that keeps giving, and it has a pet theme! If everything comes out as planned, you’ll have a puzzle made just for dog or cat lovers.

Materials: scissors or box cutter, markers or craft paint, Chewy box, glue gun

puzzle 2

Step 1: Cut out the two shorter sides of the Chewy box.

Step 2: Draw the outline of a fish or bone in the center of one of the pieces, cut it out, and then flip it over so you have clean cardboard. Keep the remaining frame.

puzzle 4

Step 3: Use the marker to draw connecting shapes of various sizes to create your puzzle pieces. Just remember that the smaller the pieces, the more challenging the puzzle will be.

Step 4: Now’s the time to color in (or draw a pattern or write your pet’s name on) your puzzle pieces with markers or craft paint.

puzzle 6

Step 5: Cut along the lines to separate the puzzle pieces.

Step 6: Align the frame that you cut the shape out of on top of the other full piece of cardboard. Make sure the outer edges line up, and that both printed sides face each other, then glue the pieces together.

puzzle 3

This puzzle is the perfect indoor entertainment for you and your crafty sidekicks to put together on a rainy day.


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