10 Reasons Cats Love Windows

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10 Reasons Cats Love Windows

Don’t you love seeing a cat sitting in a window? Well, they’re total window fans (haha – get it?), and enjoy the portals into the outside world for many reasons. In this week’s Top 10, we’ll count down the top 10 reasons cats love window.

10. Curtains or blinds

Kitten playing with curtain

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Because they have to sometimes maneuver around them, kitties sometimes find these window coverings annoying; however some do enjoy a nice curtain climb now and again (kittens, I’m looking at you). And blinds are excellent chewing material – at least that’s what my cats “tell” me.

This is a great spot for a public service announcement: always make sure your blinds’ cords are tied up and out of the way of kitty’s reach. Please and thank you.

9. Great staring opportunities

Cat looking out window

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We all know cats love to stare – in fact we covered that topic in a Top 10 list a couple of weeks ago.

Sometimes I’ll catch one of my cats staring blankly through the window, not at anything in particular. Well, I guess sometimes I catch myself doing the same exact thing.

8. Condensation to lick

Cat licking nose near window

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When the weather’s cold outside, condensation forms on the inside of our windows. My Phoebe is pretty sure that means it’s happy hour for her. She loves licking that stuff! By the way, she’s also a toilet condensation enthusiast.

7. Breeze through the screen

Cat on windowsill

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When the weather’s right, we love an open windows. Seriously, what’s better than a smooth breeze wafting through the house? I smile when I see my cats sniffing the air as it makes its way through the screen. I’m sure they smell a bazillion more things than I do, especially dead stuff and dog poo, so that’s probably a good thing.

6. Flies to watch and swat

Cat looking out window

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Flies! The window can also be like a giant game screen for cats. Flies land on the screen or window and then buzz around a bit. If there happens to be a small hole in the screen (no idea who would have created that hole), the game suddenly expands and the cats grow exponentially more insane over getting that high score.

5. Dogs to intimidate

Cat looking out of window

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My cats don’t really like dogs – they’ve never lived with one, and are rarely around them. I can say, though, when there is a window separating them from a dog, they suddenly become fierce wildcats, protecting their family from the scary beast. RAWR.

4. Strange people to investigate from afar

Kitten looking out of window

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There’s a sidewalk in front of our house, and people often go for walks and kids ride their bikes and play on it. My cats enjoy the action. They’re total nosy neighbors – they don’t want to miss anything.

3. They can watch us

Cat sitting near window

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Of course, if we’re outside, our kitties have to keep an eye on us. We may be eaten by the doggie beast or ran over by a Big Wheel, after all.

2. Rodent-watching

Cat sitting near window

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Squirrels, mice, rabbit, chipmunks and other assorted rodents are always interesting entertainment for kitties. During the summer, tons of chipmunks race across our porch and dig little holes in our front yard. Cats can’t get enough of these critters.And the No. 1 reason cats love windows is … drumroll, please!

1. Birds and feeder activity

Cat looking out of window

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Kitties love a window that provides a nice view of a bird feeder, or any sort of landing spot for birdies. My cats could birdwatch all day long, and hearing them make the little chirpy sounds makes us smile, so birdwatching is a “pay it forward” kind of entertainment!

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