What Kind of Cat Parent Are You?

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What Kind of Cat Parent Are You?

Every cat mom and cat dad is obsessed with their feline family members. After all, what’s better than coming home from a long day of work to a soft, cuddly cat to love and confide in? And while all cat parents adore their pet, they don’t all have the same parenting style.

Are you a homebody or an adventurer? Are you a hipster or a su-purr parent? Take this handy flowchart quiz to discover what type of cat parent you are—with the knowledge, of course, that there is no wrong way to parent a cat!

Find our what kind of cat parent you are


Let’s delve deeper to find out what this means about you and learn about the type of cat products that might suit your parenting style.

cat parent type - super

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Super Cat Parents

Super parents take their cat mom and cat dad jobs very seriously. Nothing comes before your cat’s welfare, and you make sure your feline friend is living their absolute best life at all times.

You stay on top of pet food trends and feed a wholesome cat food diet, like American Journey Grain-Free Turkey and Chicken Recipe, which has no poultry by-product meal, corn, wheat, soy or artificial preservatives. When it comes to cat litter, you opt for something that goes above and beyond, like World’s Best Cat Litter, which is made from renewable whole-kernel corn, is 99-percent dust-free, quick-clumping and is totally flushable (safe for both septic and sewer systems).

As a super parent, you also know how to spoil your cat, and you make sure they have all of the cat supplies they could ever dream of, like the Frisco Scratch & Roll Scratcher Cat Toy with Catnip, which pulls double duty as a scratcher and track toy with a ball for Kitty to chase.

You definitely deserve a medal for all you do for your cat… or at least a World’s Best Cat Mom or Cat Dad mug.

cat parent type - hipster

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Hipster Cat Parents

You were a cat mom or cat dad before it was cool! You’re always ahead of trends, and that means your cat is, too.

The latest gadgets? You got ’em, and so does your cat. You stay connected to your cool kitty all day with a pet cam, like the PetCube Play 2 Play, which includes a pet-safe laser toy that you can control from your phone. And your cat never misses a meal thanks to their Arf Pets Automatic Feeder, which allows you to program up to four meals a day and customize the portion size. You can even record a special message to call them to mealtime!

Lastly, hipster cat parents have a unique sense of style, and that transfers over to your pet’s supplies. Pet bed? Please. Your cat lounges in her P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You teepee. Your cat even does their bathroom business in style because you have the IRIS Top Entry Cat litter box, which has a sleek, modern design and comes in fashionable colors, like white, black and orange.

cat parent type - adventurer

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Adventurer Cat Parents

Adventurer cat parents are up for anything and ready to leave at a moment’s notice. Each day is filled with brand new, exciting possibilities, and you can’t wait to get outdoors to explore them all.

As an outdoor-loving individual, taking a stroll with your feline friend is a regular occurrence. And that’s pretty much impossible to do without the proper harness and leash, like a PetSafe Come with Me Kitty harness and bungee cat leash. You probably have one in every color.

You wouldn’t even consider going on a vacation without your cat, let alone a short trip to the bank. That’s why your car is always cat-ready, with a Frisco pet carrier stashed in your back seat.

When traveling with your feline friend, you need to pack light. Frisco Lightweight Scented Clumping Cat Litter is the perfect choice to take with you on trips because it’s not as heavy to carry as some traditional litters.

So, where are you going on your next outing? For a hike? To the backyard? Wherever you go, your adventure cat will be by your side. Carpe diem!

cat parent type -cuddler

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Cozy Cuddler Cat Parents

The cozy cuddler cat parent is happiest at home, on the couch and under a fleece blanket, snuggled up with their favorite feline companion. A crackling fire, a good cat-inspired book and heading to bed at around 10 p.m. sounds like your idea of a perfect night. And your cuddly cohort completely agrees!

When friends ask you what your plans are for the weekend, your response is most likely staying in with your cat and sipping on some wine or a delicious cup of coffee or tea, probably out of kitschy cat-themed mugs, like a "Crazy Cat Lady" coffee mug. (Hey, you own that crazy cat lady status!)

Your home is your sanctuary, and you go out of your way to make your home your cat’s sanctuary, too. That might mean getting them an enclosed cat litter box, like the New Age Pet ecoFlex litter loo and end table for added privacy, spoiling them with a deluxe cat condo, like Frisco’s 62-inch modern cat tree with penthouse perch, or by bringing the outdoors in with SmartCat Kitty’s Garden cat grass. Why would you, or your cat, ever want to go anywhere else?

No matter what your pet parenting style is, at the end of the day it’s all about the companionship and love! Be sure to share this flowchart with the other cat moms and dads in your circle and see how you compare.

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