The Best Small Pet Names: 100 Hamster Names, Guinea Pig Names, Ferret Names and More

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hamster names
Leticia Plate

The Best Small Pet Names: 100 Hamster Names, Guinea Pig Names, Ferret Names and More

Are you the proud parent of a new hamster, chinchilla or guinea pig? Congratulations! Adding a new pet to the family is a serious milestone, especially if it’s your first one. No matter what animal you’ve chosen––be it a gerbil, ferret, mouse or even a sugar glider––you’re about to embark on an experience of a lifetime, filled with love, playtime and one too many poop pickups. But first, it’s time to decide what to call your new furry friend. That’s where our list of names for small pets—including hamster names, guinea pig names, ferret names and more—can help.

When you bring your new furry friend home, the naming possibilities are nearly endless. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional name or something downright hilarious, we’ve handpicked 100 options for every type of small pet. Will Ferret or Julius Cheesar? We’ll let you decide.

Hamster Names

hamster names

Leticia Plate


Short for hamster, duh.


You can’t spell “hamster” without Ham.


This hamster name honors Elton John—and you know your hammy would look fabulous in a pair of his sunglasses.


For the happiest of hamsters (and especially appropriate for dwarf hamsters).


Why name your hamster after George Clooney, you ask? Well, why not?


Fans of the classics might want to give their hamster the name of the “Father of English literature.”


The house elf of “Harry Potter” fame. This one is perfect for loyal hamsters.


Or Little P, for short.


After your favorite character in “How I Met Your Mother” (or your favorite purple dinosaur).


A good hamster name for a tiny troublemaker.


If you’re a fan of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” this one is for you (and your hamster).

Boba Fett

If you’re a “Star Wars” fan, you know that Boba Fett rarely speaks—just like your hamster! Just don’t make your new pet wear a helmet for the rest of their life.


For the hamsters with attitude.


Appropriate because, technically, hamsters keep their food inside their cheek pouches.


A hamster name for “X-Files” fans who know the truth is out there. Your hammy wants to believe!


For the hamster who’s full of life.

 Guinea Pig Names

guinea pig names

Leticia Plate


A play on chocolate for brown guinea pigs, or a nod to Coco Chanel, for effortlessly chic furballs.


OK, so the famous Alvin is a chipmunk, not a guinea pig. But that doesn’t mean you can’t repurpose his name for your piggy.


Too cute to pass up—and an adorable reference to the world of Winnie the Pooh.


Perfect for the guinea pig owner who loves beer.


For the fuzziest guinea pigs.


Perfect for white guinea pigs who might be mistaken for clouds of fluff.


An apt description of your piggy (and a character from “South Park”).


For the guinea pigs who never seem to run out of energy, just like their namesake in the movie “Gremlins.”


The famous pig in “Charlotte’s Web.


Perfect for a black-and-white guinea pig—but sorry, no dunking this cutie in milk.


Give your brown cavy this name and you can call them Little Pea for short.

 Sir Oinks-A-Lot

In “The Simpsons,” this is the pig mascot of Springfield A&M university.


Speaking of “The Simpsons,” now the Spiderpig song is stuck in your head, isn’t it?


The pig from your favorite animated movie, “Sing.”


You love U2, so why not?


Your guinea pig is unlikely to oink like a pig, but they do make wheeking sounds and hey, that’s close enough.

 Old Major

The prize boar from “Animal Farm,” this is a good guinea pig name for piggies with a rebellious personality.


Just so you can address your pet with “What’s up, Doc?”

 Ferret Names

ferret names

Leticia Plate

Will Ferret

A play on actor Will Ferrell’s name, and a perfect ferret name for a funny furry friend.


Lyra’s daemon in the movie “The Golden Compass” can transform into any animal he wants, and spends much of his time as a white ermine, a cousin of the ferret.


For the ferret who always gets in trouble.

 Ferret Bueller

As your ferret’s namesake Ferris Bueller might say, “Life comes at you fast (much like a ferret).”


For the most elegant of ferrets.


Because no matter how old they are, they’ll always be your baby.


Because your ferret is hairy, because you love the rapper, or all of the above.

Chinchilla Names


Short for chinchilla, and an ideal name for an easygoing pet.


Why not go literal? This is another cute way to abbreviate chinchilla.


Perfect for the most well-behaved chinchillas.


For the chinchilla with an exuberant personality.


An ideal descriptor for the softest chinchillas.


Also short for chinchilla, or a tribute to golf hall of famer Chi-Chi Rodriguez.


For the chinchilla who truly lights up your life.


For when your chinchilla is surprisingly fast.


Chinchillas are nocturnal creatures, so why not choose a chinchilla name based on another night-dweller? (After all, your new pet’s nighttime antics might just have you feeling a bit batty!)


Inspired by the alien in Disney’s “Lilo & Stitch,” this is a good chinchilla name for the pet who’s always in trouble.

 Sugar Glider Names


Sure, it’s obvious––but c’mon, you know your sugar gilder is the sweetest of them all.


Just look at that face and tell me this isn’t a perfect sugar glider name.


You know, like a candy cane.


Another way to say beautiful, just like your sweet sugar glider.

 Cookies and Cream

Perfect for a black-and-white sugar glider who happens to look like your favorite ice cream flavor.


If your new pet is black, why not give them a sugar glider name inspired by “Harry Potter” character Bellatrix Lestrange, member of the House of Black?


We all need a little brandy in our lives (both in liquid and sugar gilder form).


Why not name your badass sugar glider after the world’s most famous vampire slayer?


For sugar gliders with romance, style, and a certain je ne sais quoi.


A posh sugar glider name, especially apt for gliders with beautiful white fur.


For creative types (and their artsy sugar gliders).


You know the saying: Sugar (gliders) and spice make everything nice!


A sugar glider name that’s as great for your black-and-white pet as it is for Charlie Brown’s black-and-white dog.

Names for Mice and Rats


After the sweet, cheese-loving mouse in Disney’s “Cinderella.”


Another Disney reference, Remy is the central character in “Ratatouille.”


Perfect for “Harry Potter” fans, Scabbers is the name Peter Pettigrew used when he disguised himself as a rat.


The leading Pink Lady of “Grease,” sure, but also a famous Muppet rat.


You know, after Chuck E. Cheese.


Because your new furry friend is fancy.

 Ratticus Finch

A rat name for fans of both Harper Lee and puns.


A more obscure Muppets reference, Yolanda is Kermit’s assistant.


Your rat isn’t exactly a toddler, but hey, it’s still funny.


Give your mouse the name of Hermione’s cat from “Harry Potter” and who knows? Maybe they’ll turn out magical.


Impress your oenophile friends by naming your mouse after your favorite wine. It has a nice ring to it, right?

 Rat Damon

Because this is about as close as you’re likely to get to Matt Damon.


A perfect name for the mouse who always escapes.


For the mouse who’s full of energy.


For the most playful mouse.

 Julius Cheesar

Mice and rats shouldn’t eat cheese, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them an extremely cheesy pun for a name!

Hedgehog Names


After perhaps the world’s most famous hedgehog character, Sonic the Hedgehog.


A cute but honest hedgehog name—they are prickly, after all!


Hey, don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Beautiful but thorny. Perfect for your feisty female hedgehog.


When your hedgehog curls into a ball, they might even resemble one.


This magical beast from “Harry Potter” greatly resembles a hedgehog.


The name of the hedgehog character, voiced by Eugene Levy, in DreamWorks’ film “Over the Hedge.


Another favorite from “Over the Hedge,” Penny is Lou’s wife.

 Mr. Needles

This hedgehog name needs no explanation.


In the “Super Mario Bros” video games, these turtles have spikes—just like your hedgehog.

 Rabbit Names

Black Eyed Pea

Your rabbit is black, and you love the band. It’s a win-win.

 Bugs Bunny

This one speaks for itself.

 Lola Bunny

Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend, popularized in the film “Space Jam.


Another name for the Nesquik bunny.


AKA the Trix rabbit, mascot of the popular kids’ cereal.

 Check out this list of rabbit names for more inspiration.

Gerbil Names


Perfect for brown gerbils.


A gerbil name for your No. 1 pet.


Does your gerbil like to run wild on their wheel? Honor their “bonkers” antics with this gerbil name.


An ideal name for a hungry pet.


You shouldn’t feed them to your gerbil, of course, but you can still use this name for a sweet new pet.

Find more creative choices for gerbil names.

Whether you’re searching for a name for a hamster, hedgehog or other small pet, make sure you pick a word that truly embodies who they are. Take their color, characteristics and personality into account. Is your mouse hyper in the evenings or sleepy all day long? Does your ferret eat really fast or like to steal your shoes? Is your gerbil as white as snow or as dark as your favorite chocolate bar? Put it all together and come up with a name that’ll suit them for years to come.


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