The Best Gerbil Names for 2022: 100 Funny and Cute Names for Gerbils

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The Best Gerbil Names for 2022: 100 Funny and Cute Names for Gerbils

Did you know the scientific name for the Mongolian gerbil, the species of gerbil most commonly kept as pets, is Meriones unguiculatus? That translates to “little clawed warrior.” The more you know, right? Anyway, now that you’ve added your own tiny clawed warrior to your family, it’s time to choose what to call them. But there are so many gerbil names—how will you pick the right one?

Before you settle on a gerbil name, remember that these animals are some of the most fascinating small pets out there. Naturally, there are boy and girl varieties, but gerbils also come in different fur colors and have innumerable personality types and distinctive characteristics. They can be sleepy or active, spunky or sweet, curious or lazy, and even well-behaved or mischief-makers. All of that helps influence a gerbil’s name!

No matter what type of gerbil you’ve brought home, we have the perfect name to suit them. Check them out below.

Male Gerbil Names


Spanish for boy, and a very cute boy gerbil name.


For the gerbil who has an above average amount of energy––all day, every day.


If your gerbil is a little grouchy, the name of Juliet’s short-tempered cousin in “Romeo and Juliet” may be a good fit.

 Jerbis Landry

Sports fans will recognize this gerbil name as a reference to the football player Jarvis Landry.


A classic rock-inspired male gerbil name for all the Led Zeppelin fans out there.


For the spooky gerbil, or one who’s always jumping out to surprise you.


Name your gerbil after Harry Potter’s owl.


A perfect male gerbil name for a pet who falls under the Leo sign of the Zodiac, or an homage to actor Leonardo DiCaprio.


Short for rodent, aka the animal order in which your gerbil’s classified.

Drake Ger-bell

A play on the name Drake Bell, from the TV show “Drake and Josh.

 Female Gerbil Names


As in Peter Pan’s sidekick, Tinker Bell.


Your gerbil most definitely is not a bunny, making this name both cute and funny!


Like the beer, Stella Artois, and perfect for a gerbil who shares its golden color.


After Princess Leia, heroine of the “Star Wars” galaxy.

 Night Flower

Perfect for a female gerbil who can’t sit still at night.


Or Angel for short—a female gerbil name for sweet, well-behaved pets.


Geri the gerbil has a nice, alliterative ring to it.


Want to call out the rosy color of your gerbil’s nose or paws? Choose this female gerbil name.


A female gerbil name for a pet who’s perfectly precious.


Beyoncé fans know this is a great name for a fierce female gerbil.


For when your female gerbil is a drama queen.

Cute Gerbil Names


Spanish for “beautiful” or “pretty.”

 Lil’ Bit

For the smallest of gerbils.

 Little Buddy

When your gerbil doubles as your best furry friend.


For the snooziest of gerbils.


Another great name for tiny gerbils—and you can call them Pip for short.


A cute gerbil name for a pet who loves to snuggle.


Great for a teeny-tiny gerbil.


For the happiest and most upbeat gerbils.


For the gerbil who always wants to play.


If you have a black-and-white gerbil on your hands, why not call them Panda?

 Badass Gerbil Names


Hebrew for exalted, or the summit of a tree or mountain.


For the gerbil who never tires of overcoming obstacles.


Irish for “rough.”


After Harley Quinn, the badass “Batman” villain.


The Greek goddess of wisdom and war.


This badass gerbil name could refer to the big trucks that use diesel fuel, or to bulky action star Vin Diesel.


Inspired by the adventurous climbers who’ve reached the Mt. Everest summit, this name is for the most courageous of gerbils.


Italian for “wolf.”


The king of gods in Greek mythology.


For the strongest gerbils.


Perfect for pets with major skills in agility and stealth.

Darth Vader

“Star Wars” fans can call their gerbil Darth for short.


After the famous Jedi warrior, of course.


For the coolest gerbil.

 The Terminator

Name your new pet after this Arnold Schwarzenegger film series and you can tell them, “hasta la vista, gerbil.”


A deadly substance, and an intimidating Marvel villain.

 Optimus Prime

A gerbil name referencing the most beloved of the Transformers.

White Gerbil Names


When your gerbil is sweet and white, just like vanilla ice cream.


A name that does a gerbil good!


A light and airy name for white gerbils.


You can’t give them to your gerbil to eat, but it’s totally safe to give your gerbil Marshmallow as a name!


The name of the ghost in “Macbeth,” which makes it a great white gerbil name.

 Casper the Friendly Gerbil

If your pet is both white and amicable, this might be your perfect name.


For the white gerbil marked with black, furry spots.

 Brown Gerbil Names


A sweet name for a light brown gerbil.


Your favorite coffee, and now your favorite gerbil.


Like the tree or the syrup, ideal for a dark brown or reddish gerbil.


A great brown gerbil name for a dark brown and fluffy pet—ideally one with a sweet disposition.


As in a Hershey’s Kiss.


For the gerbil who never runs out of energy.


Or little pea for short.

 Charlie Brown

The color’s right there in the name, after all.

Black Gerbil Names


The famously spooky black bird is a great namesake for your black gerbil.


If you’re an artist, you could even draw a charcoal portrait of your Charcoal pet.


For a sneaky black gerbil—or one who follows you.


For gerbil owners who love the “Twilight” series.


For the gerbil who gets hyper at night.


Works best for black female gerbils.

Gray Gerbil Names

Little Gray

When in doubt, go literal.


For an older gray gerbil.


For extra-smart gerbils—you know, the ones who really use their gray matter.

Earl Grey

A fun pun playing on the name of the tea.

Meredith Grey

You could also name your gerbil after the lead doctor in the TV show “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Funny Gerbil Names


A funny gerbil name that speaks for itself.


Myrtle the Gerbil? That’s just fun to say.


Another tongue-twister, and perfect for the Zen gerbil.

Gerbull Durham

For fans of the classic sports film “Bull Durham.”

 Gerbill Murray

For when your gerbil is as funny as Bill Murray himself.


Yes, this could be a reference to the “Star Wars” character (or their favorite pet company). But it’s also just a funny way to reference their habit of chewing on cardboard and toys.


For the gerbil you’re constantly chasing around the house.

 Mr. Nibs

Keep this one away from your fancy shoes.

 Sneaky Pete

For a sly gerbil.


A funny gerbil name inspired by the famously diminutive military leader.


The smaller your gerbil is, the funnier this name gets.

 Mr. Fluffy McFlufferson

When your gerbil is uber soft.


For the gerbil who lives a life of luxury.

Gerbil Names for Pairs

Nutty and Russy

Based on the characters in the cartoon strip “Urban Gerbils.”

Mac and Cheese

Mmm. Who doesn’t want some mac and cheese in their life?

Tater and Tot

Because your gerbils are so cute, you could practically eat them!

 Zack and Screech

A throwback pair of names, referencing characters in the ‘90s TV show “Saved by the Bell.”

 Bonnie and Clyde

For a badass pair of gerbils.

 Sonny and Cher

For a pair of gerbils in love.

 Simon and Garfunkel

After the songwriting duo behind “Mrs. Robinson” and “Sound of Silence.”

 Sugar and Spice

Because your gerbils each have a distinct personality.

 Yin and Yang

Can’t have one without the other.

 King and Queen

For a boy and girl gerbil pair.

 Frick and Frack

For two boy gerbils.

 Ger and Bill

Get it? Ger-Bill?

Sherlock and Holmes

For the ever-curious gerbil and their trusty sidekick.

Now that you’ve found your perfect match, make it official by telling friends and family. The gerbil name possibilities are endless, but with a little inspiration and luck, you’ll find the perfect one for your new pet.

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