The Benefits of Wet Cat Food

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The Benefits of Wet Cat Food

It’s tempting to go for the big bag of dry cat food when you’re shopping for your feline. But many vets suggest pet parents feed wet cat food as the cornerstone of their cat’s diet.

There are several reasons for this. First, your modern house cat evolved from desert cats, and this has left them with a low-level thirst drive. Even if your cat is very thirsty, they'll probably never gorge themselves at a bowl of water like a dog might.

Another reason hydration is so important in your cat's diet? Your domestic feline isn’t hunting high-moisture prey like their ancestors did. So for many cats, it's important that they get some of that necessary moisture from their diet—and of course, dry cat food doesn’t have it. (It's called "dry" for a reason, after all!)

The benefits of feline hydration are crucial to your cat’s vitality and wellbeing. Water is essential for helping your cat’s kidneys clean out impurities. Without enough water, that process can break down, possibly leading to bacterial infections and the formation of crystals in the urine, which, if left untreated, can prove fatal.

What Food Is Best for My Cat?

Of course, each cat is different, but, in general, the best feline diet is high in protein, which mimics the diet to which cats adapted so long ago, and supplies the correct balance of ingredients—not just water, but fats, oils and nutrients.

Fats and oils provide an important source of energy, as well as insulation and lubrication for cells and organs. They also contribute to the production of useful hormones. A healthy, balanced wet cat food can help keep all these processes running smoothly.

If your kitty could benefit from some extra hydration in their diet, consider switching to a wet food like Made by Nacho Cuts In Gravy Recipes With Bone Broth. These recipes use flavored broth to entice your kitty to chow down; plus, they use high-quality ingredients like like cage-free chicken, sustainably sourced salmon, and grass fed and grain finished beef. They're also enriched with taurine, DHA, prebiotics, Omega-3 and Omega-6 to support your cat's overall health.

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Not sure how to switch your cat's diet? The best approach is to make the change a little bit at a time, mixing small amounts of your new food into your cat's existing food and increasing the ration of new food to old over time. For a detailed schedule, check out our guide to switching your pet's food.

But remember, while wet cat food may be essential to your cat’s well-being, a diet comprised entirely of it can lead to dental issues. Unless your pet is elderly, missing teeth, or has dental pain already, most vets recommend a mix of wet and dry cat food. As always, check with your veterinarian to find the right balance for your particular pet.


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