LeAnn Rimes Giving Free Supplies to Pet Owners

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LeAnn Rimes Giving Free Supplies to Pet Owners

Starting Dec. 18, the first 400 people who bring in their pets to be spayed or neutered at the Humane Society of South Mississippi receive about $25 worth of pet supplies, courtesy of country singer LeAnn Rimes.

Unfortunately for fans in the area, Rimes won’t actually present the items. Instead, she donated her time by shopping on eBay. As part of the online auction company’s “Give Hope for the Holidays” campaign, eBay provided $10,000 to celebrities to shop on the auction site.

Rimes chose to use her money to benefit animal welfare in her home state of Mississippi, particularly the Gulfport shelter, where the Humane Society of South Mississippi (HSSM) is based said HSSM spokesman Joe Elmore.

When members of Rimes’ staff contacted the society to find out the best use of the shopping opportunity, they were asked for something that would further the shelter’s spay/neuter efforts, Elmore said. He estimates the gift will last about a month.

HSSM performs about 500 spay/neuter procedures a month for animals brought in and about 300 on adoptable animals. Through December, the fee to get the procedure will be $10; however it doubles to $20 in 2007.

For more information, call (228) 863-3354 or visit the HSSM website.

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