‘Sex and the City’ Showcases Four Dog Breeds

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‘Sex and the City’ Showcases Four Dog Breeds

The movie might not be about dogs, but “Sex and the City” prominently displays four dog breeds that reflect the personalities of the main characters. With record numbers of moviegoers packing theaters to see the big-screen version of the popular HBO series, the American Kennel Club wants to avoid impulse puppy purchases.

The film focuses on the bond and companionship of four female friends in New York City. When they’re not bonding with each other, three of the women look after their canine friends.

What people see portrayed in the movie, however, should not be taken at face value, said Daisy Okas, AKC spokeswoman. People may consider owning a dog like the ones featured in the film, she said, but it’s important to remember the responsibilities and commitment of pet ownership.

For example, the character of working mother Miranda, played by Cynthia Nixon, is mismatched with a Border Collie, a herding breed that lives to work and is highly intelligent, according to the AKC. These energetic dogs need a lot of daily physical exercise and constant mental stimulation, therefore they are not suited for a person that’s constantly on the go.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named “Elizabeth Taylor” in the movie belongs to Charlotte, played by Kristin Davis. A breed known for its elegance and versatility, the Cavaliers are house dogs who want to be with their human family members and will follow them from room to room, according to the AKC. When choosing a pet, these breed-specific characteristics should be kept in mind, Okas said.

With 158 AKC-recognized breeds to choose from, everyone can find a breed that fits his or her lifestyle, Okas said. The decision should not be based on what people see in a movie, she added.

“It’s an iconic film with so much publicity,” Okas said of “Sex.” She adds, “It’s not how it really is.”

When the hit movie “101 Dalmatians” was released in the 1990s, Okas said many people rushed out to purchase a Dalmatian puppy. Without doing any research on the breed, she said, the results might fall short of what people expect.

A bad match can be avoided by attending a dog show and talking to people about breeds, by doing research online, as well as asking friends and relatives about different breeds, Okas said, adding, “Sometimes the right breed is a cat.”

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