Fall Fashion for Dogs and Cats: Our Favorite Looks of the Season

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fall fashion for dogs and cats - cute sweaters and coats

Fall Fashion for Dogs and Cats: Our Favorite Looks of the Season

When it comes to fashion, fall is a perennial favorite. After months of breezy summer minimalism comes a parade of rich textures, evocative palettes and more-is-more silhouettes. Before winter demands a practical wardrobe, fall extends an invitation to indulge and experiment.

There was a time, of course, when the season’s most sought-after trends and time-tested classics were limited to our own closets. But these days, every canine and cat has the potential to be a sartorial sensation.

From on-trend sweaters to classic outerwear to outfit-making accessories, Fall 2020’s doggy and kitty designs are catwalk-worthy and dog park-ready. Whether your four-legged friend is a preppy Persian or a couture-loving Bulldog, these fall fashion looks for dogs and cats earn two enthusiastic paws up.

  • fashion for dogs and cats - sweaters


  • Tracing its roots to the ’60s mod movement, color blocking is one of those rare trends that feels fresh every year. Here, the Frisco Colorblock Dog & Cat Turtleneck Sweater balances form and function: In addition to two statement-making colorways, it features cozy sleeves and a high-cut belly that makes bathroom breaks a breeze.

  • fashion for dogs and cats - chevron sweater

    With a collegial wink, the Frisco Chevron Dog & Cat Turtleneck Sweater capitalizes on the campus-wear trend. Whether your four-legged friend is cheering for the home team or simply hanging out on the college green, you can’t go wrong with its classic palette and snuggly turtleneck.

  • fashion for dogs and cats - plaid sweater

    From ’80s punk to ’90s prep to Dior’s latest runway, buffalo plaid has been a power player in every nearly fashion era. Available in classic red or blushed pink, the Frisco Buffalo Plaid Dog & Cat Sweater features an embroidered dog bone and a trendy rolled collar.

  • fashion for dogs and cats - teddy bear sweater

    “Fashion is all about happiness,” once said designer Donatella Versace. With that in mind, go ahead and snuggle your pet up in a novelty sweater this fall. With fluffy bear ears and a plush sherpa lining, the Frisco Bear Hooded Dog & Cat Sweater is equal parts warm and whimsical.

  • fashion for dogs and cats - gradient diamond sweater

    The transition of similar colors through gradient or ombre design is a trend that’s been popular for some time now. It’s a great way to add color without worrying about clashing. Frisco’s Gradient Diamond Dog & Cat Sweater blends creams, tans and browns for an autumnal aesthetic.

  • fashion for dogs and cats - hoodies


  • fashion for dogs and cats - raglan hoodie

    Before solidifying its legacy as a fashion staple, the hoodie got its start as a practical way to keep both heads and hands warm. Featuring a classic kangaroo-style pouch, the Wagatude Red Bone Pocket Raglan Dog Hoodie is a cute callback to its humble origins.

  • fashion for dogs and cats - sequin hoodie

    Sequins covered the 2020 runways, setting a shiny tone while making a strong endorsement for embellishments. We love the way flashy gold accents elevate the Frisco Sequin Dog & Cat Hoodie from casual to magical.

  • fashion for dogs and cats - skater hoodie

    Tracksuits are a staple of the streetwear trend, and this cheeky design doesn’t disappoint. Classically cool with a vintage surfwear-inspired logo, the Frisco Püppy Dog & Cat Athletic Tracksuit is perfect for sassy struts around the city.

  • fashion for dogs and cats - mama's boy hoodie

    Sometimes you just have to wear your heart on your sleeve (or back). For Good Boys with good taste, the Wagatude Gray Straight Up Mama’s Boy Dog Hoodie is athleisure at its most adorable.

  • fashion for dogs - buffalo plaid hoodie

    You cannot go wrong with buffalo plaid this season. It is everywhere. The classic black and red check pattern is more subtle in Frisco’s Plaid Dog & Cat Hoodie, accenting the hood itself, the back pocket and the lining.

  • fashion for dogs and cats - jackets


  • fashion for dogs and cats - tweed jacket

    A fall signature of Coco Chanel, a chic tweed jacket will never fall out of favor. Complete with a faux-fur lining and smart leather trim, we love the cosmopolitan sensibility of the Frisco Manhattan Tweed Dog & Cat Jacket.

  • fashio for dogs and cats - pom jacket

    “There’s a shade of red for every woman,” declared style icon Audrey Hepburn. Distinctly ladylike, precisely tailored and perfectly pommed, the Frisco Pom Pom Bow Dog & Cat Peacoat Dress channels Audrey’s legendary charm.

  • fashion for dogs - toggle jacket

    With preppy toggle accents, the Frisco Plaid Hooded Dog & Cat Peacoat gives us major maritime vibes. A faux-fur fringe adds an unexpected update to the hood, which is perfect for keeping your best friend extra warm (and stylish).

  • fashion for dogs - bomber jacket

    The epitome of utility-chic, the bomber is an iconic fall mainstay. The Frisco Lightweight Bomber Dog & Cat Jacket lives up to the staple piece’s legacy with a water-resistant shell and cozy fleece lining.

  • fashion for dogs and cats - coats


  • fashion for dogs and cats - chevron quilted coat

    As every fashionista knows, when in doubt, wear black. Classic as can be, the Frisco Chevron Quilted Dog & Cat Coat transcends normcore with of-the-moment quilting and faux-fur accents.

  • fashion for dogs - cinch coat

    As the Frisco Cinching Dog & Cat Parka proves, there’s no need to sacrifice comfort for style. With faux-fur accents and a dapper tartan lining, this insulated, water-resistant coat keeps pups dry and dandy.

  • fashion for dogs and cats - puffer coat

    The ’70s are back! For a retro-minded throwback, consider the Frisco Dog & Cat Puffer Coat, which borrows the era’s signature brown-and-orange palette and bold plaid.

  • fashion for dogs - floral coat

    Fashion is all about balance. With a burst of unexpected florals, the Frisco Patterned Floral Dog & Cat Coat goes from basic outerwear to fresh statement-maker.

  • fashion for dogs - plaid bandana


  • fashion for dogs - buffalo plaid bandana

    The secret behind any amazing outfit? Impeccable accessories. Timeless and understated, the Frisco Red Buffalo Plaid Dog & Cat Bandana adds an autumnal air to any ensemble.

  • fashion for dogs - knitted hat

    Chunky knits are back for 2020, and they’re cozier than ever. Available in rich crimson or cool smoke, the Frisco Cable Knit Dog & Cat Knitted Hat is the perfect way to top off your pup’s winter wardrobe.

  • fashion for dogs - dog boots

    A great pair of boots will protect your pup’s feet from snow, ice and salt. We love Frisco’s Anti-Slip Dog Boots for their mix of smart features (including water-resistant PVC soles and reflective trim) and sleek, streamlined design.

  • fashion for dogs - socks

    Pretty paws, coming through! The Frisco Colorblock Dog Socks feature a non-slip grip and a frosted color block motif.

  • fashion for dogs and cats - pajamas


  • fashion for dogs and cats - fox pajamas

    Loungewear is the perfect opportunity to have fun with whimsical prints and patterns. Case in point? The oh-so-soft (and just as adorable) Frisco Foxes Dog & Cat Cozy Fleece PJs.

  • fashion for dogs and cats - space jammies

    In 2019, the New York Times declared “space is the new black” as a wave of intergalactic-inspired designs paraded down Fashion Week runways. This year, we’re taking the trend one step further with the Frisco Outer Space Dog & Cat Cozy Fleece PJs.

  • fashion for dogs and cats - plaid pajamas

    Plaid and pajamas go together like puppies and tennis balls. Keep it classic and channel après ski vibes with the Frisco Plaid Dog & Cat Cozy Fleece PJs.

  • fashion for dogs and cats - unicorn pajamas

    Katy Perry ushered in the modern unicorn obsession with a flurry of pastels and sparkles, and the trend still going strong. Add a little magic to your pup’s lounge looks with the Frisco Unicorns Dog & Cat Cozy Fleece PJs.

By: Monica Weymouth
Monica Weymouth is a writer, editor and certified Weird Animal Lady. She lives in Philadelphia with her two rescued Shih Tzus. 



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