Pros and Cons Of A Great Dane’s Mile-Long Legs

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Pros and Cons Of A Great Dane’s Mile-Long Legs

Good things come in small packages. But when you lock eyes with a Great Dane, you cannot help but think that’s just not true! One of the largest dog breeds, the Great Dane is one big softy on the inside. Their most impressive trait (besides their big heart) is their lanky, gangling legs! Here are some of the pros and cons of those super-lengthy gams.

PRO: They are great for gymnastics.

CON: The legs don’t quite fit on the couch when napping.

PRO: The legs are great for snuggling up with puppies.

CON: Sometimes they can get tangled up… in everything.

PRO: The longer the legs, the bigger the stretch.

CON: Great Danes will NEVER fit through the doggie door.

PRO: High legs means high jumps.

CON: If you’re bed gets stolen, you have very few options.

PRO: Great Dane legs give the best hugs. Ever.

CON: Paws almost always get chilly because the blankets aren’t long enough.

PRO: You learn how to sleep anywhere!


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