New Puppy Printables: Must-Have Checklists, Training Trackers and More

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new puppy printables
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New Puppy Printables: Must-Have Checklists, Training Trackers and More

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Bringing home a new puppy is exciting! There’s no greater moment than setting down your pup—the newest family member—on the ground and watching them scamper around the house for the first time. But once the excitement settles and your new pup pees on floor, the realness sets in: It’s time to raise a puppy.

And while it certainly takes a village to raise a puppy (from your go-to vet and fellow pet parents to dog park friends and all your trustworthy pet-sitters), it also helps to have the right resources and tools at your fingertips. That’s where these new puppy printables come in handy.

From a potty training tracker to a new puppy essentials checklist, we have six free printables for you to either download to your phone or print out. Print out all of them for the ultimate new puppy planner!

New Puppy Essentials Checklist

Before bringing your puppy home, stock up on the basics that'll get you through the first day and a half—items such as food and potty pads and a dog crate.

Once you and puppy feel more settled in, then you can pick up other items, like training tools and chew toys, that'll help you expose your puppy to new things, help them grow mentally and physically, and encourage good behaviors.

Learn more about the items on our new puppy essentials checklist.


Puppy Feeding Schedule

With this Puppy Feeding Schedule, you can track on a weekly basis how much dog food your puppy is eating every morning, afternoon and night.

When feeding your puppy, remember to follow the puppy feeding chart on your brand of puppy food, as well as the advice of your vet.

Write your pet’s serving amount at the top of the sheet for easy reference.

Learn more about how much to feed a puppy (including treats!) in our Puppy Feeding Guide.


Potty Training Chart

When house training your puppy, it's important to create and follow a consistent schedule that helps your puppy learn the right habits. One way to stay consistent—and learn their potty patterns—is by tracking when and where they pee and poo.

Our Puppy Potty Training Chart allows you to do just that. You can also leave notes, including if the puppy relieved themself inside or outside and any changes to their stool.

Learn more about potty training a puppy (and how to do it in seven days).


Puppy’s First Vet Visit Checklist

Puppy’s first trip to the vet can be overwhelming, for both the pet and the pet parent. To help you feel prepared and confident ahead of the appointment, work your way through this First Vet Visit Checklist.

This checklist will help remind you to fill out those forms provided by your vet (and bring them), jot down any questions or concerns you may have (so you don’t forget to ask!), bring a chew toy for distraction and dog treats to reward good behavior and more.

Learn more about what to expect at your pup's first vet visit.


Puppy Vaccinations Tracker

Vaccinations are a vital part of preventative healthcare, especially for puppies, and are given to prevent disease. While your vet will tell you what vaccinations your puppy needs—and when they’ll need it—this Puppy Vaccinations Tracker can help you keep track of important upcoming vaccination dates, as well as stay on top of their flea, tick and heartworm prevention.

This sheet may also prove useful for when you need to speak to your vet in an emergency, as it has a spot to write down their name and contact info, too.

Learn more about vaccinations and when puppies should receive them.


Puppy Walking Schedule

Puppies need to go on walks for several reasons, including exercise, mental stimulation and potty training. Because of this, it's best to give your new puppy several walks throughout the day instead of one or two long walks as you would an adult dog.

Use this Puppy Walking Schedule to track when you take your pup on walks, the duration and distance of each walk and any other observations you may want to write down.

Learn more about how often you should take your puppy on walks.


For more new puppy resources and tutorials, including crate training, how to stop puppy biting and more, visit our Puppy Page.

What other new puppy printables would you like us to create next? Let us know in the comments—because we want to help!


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