Sexy Veterinarian Evan Antin Works Hard to Save Animals

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Sexy Veterinarian Evan Antin Works Hard to Save Animals

For a veterinarian, Evan Antin has quite a few Instagram followers. Are some of his over-500k fans there for the puppy photos? Probably. But suffice it to say that the 31-year-old has no problem racking up the “likes” on his own. Named People’s magazine’s “Sexiest Beast Charmer” in 2015, he’s become something of a social media sensation—and while all eyes are on him, he’s making the most of his visibility.

“I’d like my followers to gain insight on what the veterinary profession is all about,” says Antin whose on-the-job photos are as educational as they are entertaining. “It’s wonderful, gratifying, intense, emotional and stressful, and I try to help pet-owners become better pet parents.”

Dr. Evan Antin with a tortoise

Growing up fascinated by wildlife in Kansas, Antin had an inkling that his career would involve animals from a young age (although yes, he has also worked as a model and personal trainer).

“I really confirmed that I wanted to be a vet early on during my undergrad career,” he says. “I always loved animals, but it was at that time that it became clear this was the best profession for me as I was learning and really connecting with my science-based courses and gaining a big appreciation for medicine, as well.”

Today, Antin calls California home and practices at Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital. His patients include plenty of cats and dogs, but as his Instagram followers know, he’s just as likely to be wrangling a 90-pound python with an upper respiratory infection. Or snuggling a monitor lizard. Or treating a two-headed bearded dragon for pneumonia. And that’s just in the office. When not on the clock, he’s advocating for elephants in Thailand, playing with Amazon River Dolphins and snapping selfies with sloths.

“I’m very fortunate that my boss allows me to travel as much as I do,” says Antin. “It’s been beneficial for work in that I often get amazing veterinary experiences with exotic animals around the world and get to share these experiences with my colleagues and occasionally bring back info for them.”

Dr. Evan Antin with his own pets

As for his own pets, Antin is the proud dad of Henry the Chihuahua mix, Will the cat, a snake, a lizard, a tortoise and a few very lucky fish. As much as we wanted to inquire about a co-parent, we tried to keep things at least semi-professional and asked: “If you were an animal, what type would you be?”

“Tough question!” he says with a laugh. “I suppose I’d like to be a dolphin—they’re all about interpersonal relationships and having fun.”

Well played. Dr. Antin. Well played.

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Monica Weymouth is a writer, editor and certified Weird Animal Lady. She lives in Philadelphia with her two rescued Shih Tzus.


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