Chris Evans’ Love for His Dog Dodger Is Just the Sweetest Thing

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Chris Evans’ Love for His Dog Dodger Is Just the Sweetest Thing

It’s pretty hard not to love Chris Evans. After all, the actor is not only wildly talented and handsome, but he’s head-over-heels crazy for his beloved dog Dodger.

The “Captain America” star, who adopted his four-legged best friend during a movie shoot at an animal shelter, talks about his pup in interviews and often tweets about him.

In early July, Evans gave his Twitter followers an accidental scare when he posted, “Really missing this guy right now,” accompanied by a photo with him cuddling Dodger.

After a flurry of tweets from concerned followers (including fellow actor Seth Rogen) asking about the fate of Dodger, Evans allayed our fears by following up, “To be clear, he’s alive and well, just thousands of miles away for the next couple months.”


PHEW! It’s no wonder that his fans were relieved to hear that Evans and Dodger still are a team, considering how sweet their bond is.

When Evans isn’t away from his canine companion, he shares videos of his dog hanging out in the backyard with sentiments like, “My dog is still a pure, brand new soul, enjoying nonverbal bonds of love + acceptance w pretty much everything.”

And how can we forget the hilarious clip of Dodger watching his papa participate in the #22pushupchallenge to raise awareness for veterans? (What a good spotter!)

If he’s not sharing videos of Doger, the proud dog dad is showing off equally-heartwarming photos, like the one of his #1 love sharing a smooch on Valentine’s Day.


C’mon, can you even handle the cuteness? We’re already looking forward to their reunion and the inevitable pictures, stories and vids to follow.

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