21 Reasons Kittens Are The Best Companions

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21 Reasons Kittens Are The Best Companions

21 Reasons Kittens Are The Best Companions

Kittens are among the world’s most adorable critters, as many of us agree—or else why would our lives be crowded with cute kitten calendars, nonstop kitten videos and sweet kitten coffee mugs proclaiming your morning brew to be purrfect?

Besides their natural talent for being adorable, kittens also possess a gift for friendship, the genuine kind of companionship we seek and cherish, where we’re eager to do anything and be there always for this treasured pal. In return, kittens offer an oversized litter of ways they’re truly the choicest companions:

1. Kittens Have Magical Purrs

Purring kitten

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A kitten’s purr is the world’s most magical sound, and who doesn’t need a companion who makes magic? Science tells us the purr of a cat can help heal a broken bone, but forget science, we just love that sweet mysterious vibe beneath our fingers.

2. Kittens Don’t Judge

Don't judge

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Bad hair day? A kitten will never comment that bangs are not your best look or make snarky remarks about what a bad choice that Kool-Aid red rinse was for your pricey blond highlights. To a kitten, you’ll always have perfect hair, because you do.

3. Kittens WANT to Know What You’re Doing

curious cat

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A kitten is intensely interested in everything you do. Our people companions may listen patiently while sighing as we describe, for the 15th time, what a pain our boss is or how long the commute can be on a Friday evening, but a kitten’s gaze doesn’t waver.

4. Kittens Forgive and Forget


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Unlike those who harbor grudges, a kitten will always forgive and forget. Even after you’ve trimmed their claws or given them some awful-tasting medication, a kitten will move past the annoyance, place a delicate paw on your hand and remind you it’s okay, and isn’t it time for fun thing again?

5. Kittens Are Master Weekenders


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For a kitten, every day is a weekend. We love that Saturday feeling of sleeping late and unwinding, and the Sunday vibe of unhurried fun and exciting new places. Watch a kitten purr through every day with the same blissful combination of adventure and happiness, and you’ll know why your little feline companion hope you’ll learn to believes in the seven-day weekend.

6. Kittens Are Down with Nicknames


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Fluffypuff. Hummingbird. Babybug. Kittens do not mind if you give them silly nicknames that your human best friend would find insulting. They’re focused only on the endearing caress of your voice, not the strange or funny words wrapped around it.

7. Kittens Are Selfie Gold

Selfie gold

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Why kittens are the best companions? One word: selfies. Armed with a kitten, or two (or more), you will always take the best selfies, because the pure, visible happiness, not to mention the cuteness percentage, will automatically be viral level.

8. Kittens Don’t Ask for Much

happy kitty

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No kitten will ever ask to borrow your car, your best sweater or your Starbucks gift card. If a kitten is your best companion, he’s not likely to influence your choice of vacation spot or even what you’re having for dinner (unless it’s tuna ‘n’ egg with sauce in a can).

9. Kittens Make Excellent Helpers

A kitten will happily take part in everyday boring tasks. Paying bills? A kitten will tap across that computer keyboard and send Visa an extra $4,587. Folding laundry? Impossible to complete without a busy feline rolling in the towels and jeans. Dusting the tables and chairs? A kitten’s paws will reach for that dust cloth, helping you finish fast so you can get back to the most important task: playing with him!

10. Kittens Aren’t Political

cat hiding under usa hat

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Kittens don’t care who you voted for, as long as you hurry home from the polls to spend quality time with them. Kittens are too little and innocent to grasp politics, and anyway, shielding them from last year’s campaign circus will boost your own well-being, too.

11. Kittens Are Master Secret Keepers

A kitten can keep a secret better than anyone. Tell her your inner dreams, biggest worries, most improbable hopes, silliest fears—all the things you don’t like to say out loud. A kitten will hold them close, and when a dream comes true or you knock down that worry, she’ll just purr with shared happiness.

12. Kittens Love Binge-Watching TV

binge tv

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For the guilty pleasure of binge-watching, there’s no more perfect companion than a kitten, who will nestle in your lap to gaze at the action, drop off for a nap while you mindlessly snack, wake again a few episodes later to stretch and knead your sleeve. He’ll never interrupt by saying “Why is she wearing that?” or mock your scared or teary reaction. And a kitten will always be up to watch it all again, hoping for “Orange [tabby] is the New Black [tuxedo cat].”

13. Kittens are ADORABLE

Baby-pink noses. Trusting blue eyes. Just seeing those unique kitten colors triggers a sunshiny meltdown of warmth in our hearts, flooding our systems with a feel-good sense that can only be described as “Kitten-itis.”

14. Kittens Encourage You to Take Sick Days

A kitten is the best companion to know and agree: you need a sick day because you’re sick of going to work, not to mention your messy cubicle and Sonia, who sits nearby and never shuts up. You need a sick day accompanied by a furry little friend who stays close, relishing the bonus of having you home during the day. Kittens always approve of sick days because they’re sure sick days are meant for THEM!

15. Kittens Are Excellent Dancers


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Kittens are not just the best companions, but the world’s best dancers, and will gladly lend you their moves. Just watch as your kitten arches that fuzzy back, fluffs out his tail and hip-hops across the floor, with tiny paws tapping. See how he whirls in graceful circles chasing a tail, a piece of paper, or his shadow. And watch as a kitten simply jumps for joy, leaping like a ballerina for no other reason than to feel freedom. Kittens remind us that, if you dance like no one’s watching, they’ll watch with favor.

16. Kittens Embrace Your Shoe Fetish

Shoes. Do your friends subtly hint you’ve got too many? Not your kitten: Kittens adore shoeboxes and sometimes even wriggle down inside one of the loafers or heels you’ve stepped out of. Because kittens want an endless supply of shoeboxes, they would never suggest you have too many shoes and in fact, encourage you to buy lots and lots more.

17. Kittens Know How to Spring Clean

With a kitten in your life, who needs that book about tidying and organizing? A kitten will dive-bomb into a pile of papers, helpfully sit on bookshelves to paw volumes onto the floor, and make it easy to discard clothes because she’ll help claw them into shreds. You think you’re tidying your home, but you’re really kitten-fying the place to keep your feline friend safe and entertained, and in the process, opening up a fresher space for you both.

18. Kittens Have the Best Imaginations

Kitten box

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Kittens tap our creative juices, turning everyday items into fun playthings. No need for a pricey cat condo when a nice cardboard box with cutout windows will thrill your feline companion. She’ll enjoy stray socks rolled into a ball, sprinkled with catnip and making the perfect kick-pillow. And sheets of tissue paper to pounce and shred in rattly joy are a virtual kitten amusement park. She’ll help you think of other ideas, and you’ll realize you’re a crafty genius.

19. Kittens Make Us More Responsible

hi cutie kitten

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Kittens bring out our nurturing, protective nature, making us the most responsible and loving humans we can be. Living with a kitten means that of course you provide the most nutritious food, the comfiest bed, along with massive doses of attention and affection. You want her safe from all harm, any hurt, and to just hold him close. And she’s turned you into a caring machine.

20. Kittens Are Fearless


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A kitten is your best companion because, despite her small stature, that deceptively soft fluff ball has the heart of a lion, which is why she’s fearless about climbing the curtains or stalking that elusive laser dot. She’s setting an example for you: take the risk and pursue that promotion at work, train for a marathon, or write that novel or plan the trip to Australia. A kitten reminds you to pick up the pace and live like a lion.

21. Kittens Adore Us

adore us

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Kittens are the best companions because their friendship is sweet and fleeting. We treasure the joys they embody every day of that all-too-brief kittenhood. And if we feel a pang of loneliness for that precious furball lodged in our hearts, we should rejoice instead, because that beloved kitten is busy growing into a loyal, loving cat, a wise and dear companion for all nine lives to come.

Kathy Blumenstock is owned by cats, loved by dogs, writes about both, and still longs for a horse.


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