15 Cats Who Are Running Low on Lives

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15 Cats Who Are Running Low on Lives

Cats are infamously curious creatures. But while some are content to simply chase the occasional laser pointer, others are especially in touch with their wild sides. With an eye for adventure and a taste for mischief, these daredevil kitties are running low on their proverbial nine lives.

Rolo the cat

Mission impossible? Never. Meet Mr. Rolo, Tom Cruise’s trusty stunt double.

Credit: @mrrolothecat

Nacho the cat

Someday, Nacho will have a word with that smug sparrow. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday.

Credit: @nachocat1

Persian cat

What time is it? Time to go hang-gliding with the clock, clearly.


It’s simple, really: Don’t ask Kylo what he’s plotting, and he won’t tell you why there’s a zipline rigged up to the apple tree.

Credit: @kylothecat

Kylo the cat

When you have no shame, the Cone Of Shame wields no power. Stay wild and free, little buddy.

Credit: @kylothekat

Stella the cat

The worst kind of houseguest, Stella has a habit of drinking three bottles of pinot grigio and passing out in the wine rack.

Credit: @monicaweymouth

Pepper the cat

Pepper doesn’t always lie in wait on top of the freezer. But when she does, you better believe your ice cream is at risk.

Credit: @omg_pepper

Kitten going after TV

Signs your kitten will grow up to be a handful: even TV golf stirs up her prey drive.

Credit: @chachou789

Devon the cat

A certified adrenaline junkie, Devon got his start climbing refrigerators. Today, no kitchen surface is safe.

Credit: @theadventuresofbatcat

Dublin the cat

Dublin likes to live on the edge. Also, sit on it.

Credit: @goldencloudelephants

Foster the kitten

Yes, there is such a thing as Dangerously Cute. And you’re looking at it.

Credit: @jen_k

Myles the cat

The humans call it a “refrigerator magnet.” Myles calls it “Public Enemy No. 1.”

Credit: @doubletroublebrosandtuxboy


Prunella has some debts to settle in Atlantic City, but it’s nothing she’s too worried about.

Credit: @prunellasphynx

Oscar the cat

Knowing when to call it a night is a skill that Oscar has yet to master.

Credit: @phillypaws

Moto kitten

“Come on, baby, hop on. We’ll just take a spin around the block. Your mom will never know.”

Credit: @ashleahalpern

Monica Weymouth is a writer, editor and certified Weird Animal Lady. She lives in Philadelphia with her two rescued Shih Tzus.


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