13 Reasons to Love Black Dogs

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13 Reasons to Love Black Dogs

Black dogs seem to have a dark cloud unfairly hanging over them. In the shelter world, a phenomenon exists known as “Black Dog Syndrome,” with the theory being that black dogs are often passed over for their lighter or fairer-colored canine counterparts.

If you are the parent of a black pet of any variety, you know that these dark-colored beauties, dogs included, are just as loving, fun, intelligent, and happy as any other color of pooch. Here are 13 lucky reasons to love black dogs.

Black Dogs Don’t Show Their True Colors

Black dogs are able to retain their dirtiness and not embarrass you with dirty feet. Trust me, I proclaim, “Hey, weren’t those paws white five minutes ago” at least once a week. Having a fluffy white dog has its dirty side, too.

Photo Ops Galore

Imagine the bursts of color when taking pictures of a black dog. From vibrant red dog toys to drinking from an orange bowl, the photo ops are ripe for the taking. Any dog looks dank and sad in a shelter kennel, so don’t let improper lighting impact your decision. Black dogs are happy to pose, play and engage as much as lighter-colored pups.

Naming Possibilities Are Endless

Johnny Cash. Coal. Midnight. Onyx. The list goes on and on, but the naming spectrum is far and wide.  Some of the black dogs of family and friends include Panda (she has white tips on her paws), Galaxy, and Charcoal. You could also put a familiar spin on a favorite dark candy and go for Licorice.

Hide the Hair Remover Roller

If you own a sticky hair remover/roller, chances are a black dog will allow you to give it a rest. As a mom to a white-colored dog, I can attest to white hair on my black pants all the time. Imagine the time and sticky tape saved when adopting a black dog.

There’s No Business Like Snow Business

With winter upon us, the black dog has a very clear reason why he makes the perfect snow dog: He is easily seen! That makes walking and playing outside a little bit safer when it snows.

Instant Tuxedo

Have you heard that bark is the new black? Indeed, so the next time you have a special occasion and Fido is invited, pop on a white bow tie and voila—instant dapper dog! You can save time and money by not shopping for fancy canine couture! Black dogs have this element in the bag!

Have You Lost Weight?

Studies prove time and again that black is a very slimming color. Stand next to any black dog and instantly, it’s as if the pounds are melting away. Dog parents feel better, look better, and the black dog showcases his savvy features time and again.

Halloween Dog Costumes

Use the festive time of year that is Halloween to your advantage and win every Halloween dog costume contest comes around. Black dogs make the best vampires!

Heating Pads

The next time a white blanket of snow falls on your lawn or sidewalk, think of how toasty warm you’ll be snuggling up with a warm black dog. After all, black absorbs the heat, right? So snuggle away!

Salt and Pepper

As black dogs age, they aren’t afraid to show their white or graying roots, hence inspiring you to do the same. Go all natural together and be the kind of person your black dog thinks you are. Set an example and wear your grey hairs together!

Always in Fashion

Everything goes with black. Even if your dog doesn’t dress up or wear apparel, your couture is always in style next to him. Pink leggings? No problem. Neon green sneakers or running shoes? Bring it on. Black brings out the best in us all.


From “Back in Black” to “Black Dog,” musicians have been inspired for decades to pen a tune about black dogs or something remotely related to the word black. Perhaps a black dog will bring out the creative streak in you.


Start a new trend and break a myth in half. Black Dog Syndrome is an all-too real and all-too scary fact that together, pet parents can help demystify. A dog’s coat color has no impact on his demeanor or temperament. Be a leader and allow a black dog to inspire by example.

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