10 Ways to Be Kind to Animals

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10 Ways to Be Kind to Animals

As an animal lover, you probably already understand the importance of doing everything we can to help the animals out there that are less fortunate than our own pets. It’s a noble cause to help out animals that cannot speak for themselves, or tell us when something is wrong.

There are tons of great causes and organizations that help support animals, and we thought we’d round up a few of our favorites, as well as share some of our favorite ways to be kind to animals in our everyday lives.

Donate to Big Cat Rescue

Tiger at rescue

If you love big cats, you can’t go wrong making a donation to the Big Cat Rescue organization, whose mission is providing the best permanent homes possible for abused, abandoned and retired big cats.

Give to the Humane Society

Cat in shelter

An integral organization when it comes to animals in our country, The Humane Society of the United States aims to create a humane and sustainable world for all animals through education and advocacy.

Get to Know RedRover

Dog being rescued

The purpose of RedRover is to bring animals out of crisis and strengthen the bond between people and animals through programs like disaster relief services, education and more.

Volunteer at Your Local Shelter

Dog in shelter

You don’t have to donate to a national charity to make a difference. If you’re interested in helping out on the local level, most shelters are always looking for volunteers to help clean cages and play with the animals, to include taking shelter dogs for walks.

Go Wild

Bears in wild

By making a donation to The Wild Animal Sanctuary, you’ll be helping the organization in its mission to rescue and provide life-long homes for captive great cats, bears, wolves and other large carnivores.

Give Back to Greyhounds

Greyhound on couch

If you’re anything like us, Greyhounds have always tugged at your heartstrings. The Greyhound Adoption League of Texas aims to assist all greyhounds, especially those who have retired from or are affiliated with the racing industry.

Help the Horses

Horses on farm

If you’ve got a soft spot for horses, you might consider donated or volunteering with Save a Forgotten Equine. The organization makes a difference for forgotten and at-risk horses through intervention, education and community outreach.

Help Stop the Feral Cat Population

Feral cat

While the main goal of FixNation is to reduce the population of homeless cats by sterilizing as many as possible, they also seek changes in public policy, particularly when it comes to Trap-Neuter-Return policies.

Become a Friend to a Chimp or an Orangutan

Gorillas in wild

You probably won’t befriend an actual chimp or Orangutan, but by donating to The Center for Great Apes you’ll be helping them to further their mission, which is to provide a permanent sanctuary for orangutans and chimpanzees that have been retired or rescued from the entertainment industry, from research or from being pets.

Don’t Forget Farm Animals

Cows on farm

Help neglected and abused farm animals in our country by donating to Animal Place, which provides a safe haven for these animals and spreads the word about this type of abuse through advocacy and education.

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