10 of the Most Famous TV Dogs in History

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10 of the Most Famous TV Dogs in History

They bark, they wag, they eat and drink just like your dog. This canine crew, however, has one lifestyle quirk your dog probably doesn’t: they are TV famous. (But yes, we agree, your dog should be on television, too.) Here are then of the most memorable and beloved dogs in television history.


When Modern Family’s Jay Pritchard calls for his favorite Stella, his pint-sized cutie answers his beckon call. The Frenchie made her debut at the end of season two and has become a part of the show’s family ever since.


The gorgeous Collie, with whom throngs of viewers fell in love with, became one of television’s greatest canine stars. From rescuing kids from danger to warning adults of impending rattlesnakes, this Collie has grown up with many generations of dog-loving TV viewers


Fans of the show Frasier know that Eddie stole viewers hearts with his antics, tricks and oh-so-spot-on paw-medic timing. Owned by Frasier’s dad Marty Crane, this cutie pie would taunt Frasier and hit his mark on time. He definitely goes down in history as one of the more memorable pooches to grace an Emmy-winning series.


Those of us from the older set will recall this sidekick to the kids of The Little Rascals, which made its run in the 1920’s and 30’s. This pooch hung out with the kids and is best remembered for his right ringed eye and the “Oh Petey” line often uttered by one of the “gang.”


Although animated in character, a list of famous television dogs is not complete without mention of the world’s most recognizable Beagle: Snoopy! He has certainly captured the hearts of millions of dog lovers over the years with his warm heart, loyalty to Charlie Brown, his place in the Thanksgiving parades, and of course, the annual Halloween and Christmas specials.

Spuds MacKenzie

In the 1980’s, this pooch was the well-known face of the Bud Light commercials. According to Mental Floss, Spuds was actually a female dog named Honey Tree Evil Eye. Jackie and Stanley Oles, the humans who owned her, called her “Evie.” Spuds was dubbed a party animal and legions of 80s television fans fell in love with this canine American advertising icon.

Rin Tin Tin

German Shepherd fans, rejoice! This canine definitely makes our list of top TV dogs. The Adventures of Rin Tin Tinproduced 164 episodes on ABC from 1954 to 1959. This legendary dog has left quite a trail of paw prints across canine history, including a critically acclaimed movie in 2011.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

Best known for his off-color comedic stints on Conan, comedian Robert Smigel is the “hand” behind the puppet. He first debuted on the show in 1997. Yours truly had the pleasure of meeting both Triump and Smiegel at the Westminster Kennel Club show in recent years. Indeed, the dog was smoking his famous “puppet cigar.”

Brian Griffin

The wisecracking but equally intelligent dog of Family Guy, Brian Griffin’s unique qualities run the gamut. He is a smoker, but he also speaks Spanish and French. Fun fact: Brian is voiced by series creator Seth McFarlane.


Though best known for his movie roles, Benji stole the hearts of millions with his television specials. This floppy-eared canine superstar had the uncanny knack for being in the right place at the right time and thus saving the day. He remains one of the most recognizable canine icons in American television history.

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