New Cat Guide: Information on Adopting Kittens, Adult Cats and Senior Cats

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New Cat Guide: Information on Adopting Kittens, Adult Cats and Senior Cats

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Cat lovers can agree that adopting a new cat is a life changing experience. There is nothing quite like bringing a fluffy feline in your family to look after and care for. But while it may be easy to fall in love the new bundle of fur strutting through your home, learning how to give them the care they need so they can be a healthy, happy cat is a whole different breed entirely.

From newborn kittens to senior cats, we have the information you need to give your cat the best life possible, at every life stage. If you're ready to show your new feline you're the cat's meow, keep reading for tips and tricks from our certified experts.

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There is nothing cuter—and more amusing—than a kitten. Their playful, lovable and irresistible personalities make the bit of extra TLC kittens need to thrive all worth it in the end.
Bringing home a kitten
Here are just a few of the ways bringing home a new kitten ensures that your life will never be the same. Read More

Adult Cats

Want your new cat to be your BFF? With some environmental enrichment, a quality diet and some positive time spent with their human—you’ll have a friend for life.
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Our cat adoption checklist is full of tips for new cat parents to ensure you have everything you need to start pet parenthood off on the right paw. Read More

Senior Cats

Is your senior cat living their best life? We have a few ideas on how you can give an older cat everything they need to thrive.
Senior cat age
If you know at what age your cat is considered a senior and how that impacts their health, you can better care for them during their golden years. Read More


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