Kosher Pet Food Brands for Hanukkah

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Kosher Pet Food Brands for Hanukkah

Keeping your home kosher when you own pets is easier with certified kosher pet food and treats.  Kosher pet treats are healthy and delicious, and make the perfect Hanukkah gift for your furry friend. Kosher pet food brands make treats for both dogs and cats—perfect for multi-pet households. If you want to treat your pets to kosher delights over the holidays, check out our list of the best kosher foods and treats that we offer.

What Is Considered Kosher Pet Food?

There is a list of requirements that determine whether a food is kosher or not according to Jewish dietary law. The way the food is prepared and which ingredients are used can dictate whether a food is classified as kosher.

Meat, for example, has a list of specifications that designates its classification, including the requirement that the protein must come from an animal that chews its cud and has split hooves. That means that meats from animals like rabbits and kangaroos are non-kosher. All utensils used in slaughtering, cleaning, preparing and packaging must also be kosher.

Check the labels of kosher dog and cat food to identify the use of chometz. The Torah defines chometz as any mixture that contains flour and water that has been allowed to rise. During Passover, the Talmud states that not only is chometz forbidden for Jewish people to eat, but also to own it or benefit from it. That includes feeding your pet chometz.

Despite the strict requirements that define kosher food, there are kosher pet food brands who go the extra mile to make sure their customers can confidently feed their pet food that adheres to Jewish law. Brands like Evanger’s, Grandma Lucy’s, Exclusively Dog and Against the Grain all create pet food options that comply with the policy of kosher food laws, including cleanliness, purity and quality.

Evanger’s Pet Food

Evanger's Kosher Food

Evanger’s understands that pets are family, and that as members of a kosher household, pets can maintain a kosher diet as well. To help your four-legged friends stay kosher, Evanger’s manufactures pet food that is endorsed by the Chicago Rabbinical Council. So pet parents can rest assured that they are feeding their kosher pets appropriately during Passover, Hanukkah and other Jewish holidays. At Evanger’s, they do not combine meat with dairy products and are chometz-free.

For Hanukkah, consider feeding your kosher dog Evanger’s Super Premium Duck & Sweet Potato Dinner Canned Dog Food. This premium food is free from preservatives, fillers, corn and soy and is sure to be a favorite. Treat your kosher cat to Evanger’s Grain-Free Wild Salmon Canned Cat Food. It contains no corn, wheat, soy, preservatives or fillers and is great for mixing in with your kosher cat’s dry food diet.

Grandma Lucy’s Dog Treats

Grandma Lucy's Treats

If your dog loves pumpkin, he’ll appreciate these organic dog treats. Grandma Lucy’s Organic Pumpkin Dog Treats are oven-baked, 100% USDA organic and certified kosher. These delicious and healthy dog treats are made without any preservatives, by-products, artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors, hydrogenated oils or trans fats. You can also spoil your pup with Grandma Lucy’s Organic Blueberry Dog Treats. As a certified kosher product, manufacturing of this product complies with the strict policies of kosher food laws.

Exclusively Dog Cookies

Exclusively Dog Cookies

If your kosher dog prefers sweet treats, gift her delicious dog wafer cookies this Hanukkah. Exclusively Dog makes delicious dog treats that are made with certified kosher ingredients. These vanilla-flavored dog treats contain no animal parts or by-products, making them a healthy treat for your four-legged companion. Exclusively Dog Wafer Cookies are certified kosher by the OK Kosher Certification out of Brooklyn, New York. These treats are certified kosher by a rabbi annually, and the company receives updated certification each year.

Against the Grain Pet Food

Against the grain

Certified by the Chicago Rabbinical Council, Against the Grain is a kosher dog food brand to keep in mind during Jewish holidays. Against the Grain uses no less than 85% meat and zero grains in their recipes. Their pet food contains human-grade ingredients, with no growth hormones or antibiotics. According to Dr. David A. Dzanis, DVM and PhD, although corn and rice are often stables of an American diet, they are considered fillers and can contribute to pet obesity due to their high glycemic index. For Hanukkah, serve your dog Against the Grain Pulled Chicken and Gravy Grain-Free Dog Food for a kosher meal that will help him reach his optimal health.

This Hanukkah, feed your kosher pets delicious meals and treats that fit your kosher lifestyle. With these food and treat options, your precious pet can eat healthy and enjoy mealtime along with you to make your holidays extra special.

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