Healing Crystals and Their Meaning for Your Pets

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Healing Crystals and Their Meaning for Your Pets

When crystals, mineral specimens or tumbled stones are used for healing, it is considered vibrational energy medicine. All organic matter has a frequency that’s measurable; some things have a lower frequency, and others have a higher frequency. If an object has a higher frequency, that means the vibrations are higher.

“We use crystals to attune ourselves and our companion animals to the higher frequencies of various crystals to calm and heal. Stress, anxiety and fear are considered low vibrational states, and when we are in constant low vibrational states, physical illness can manifest. In the same way a musical instrument can be tuned, we can tune ourselves and our companion animals,” says Valerie Oula, founder of Modern Ritual NYC and a KRI certified kundalini yoga teacher. Oula uses crystals in her practice for humans as well as animals.

Can Crystals Treat Ailments?

Keep in mind that crystals do not work like prescribed medications. They will not necessarily improve a physical medical diagnosis. But if you believe in healing crystals and their meaning, they can provide you and your pet with some benefits.

How Do You Use Crystals on Pets?

“Since animals are pure creatures and naturally live in the moment, they are more open to the healing energies of crystals,” says Sue Pike, The Animal Talker. Sue communicates with animals and help to channel the issue at hand. She works with pet owners to resolve pet behavioral issues.

In her practice, Pike sometimes places specific crystals in a “grid” so they align and work off each other’s energy. When they’re placed on the floor, a pet is able to investigate the gems and lean into them.

A great place to set a crystal is in a dog’s bed, where the healing vibrations can be absorbed through the night. A large crystal placed in the corner of the room may attract cats who wish to rub against it.

Crystals and Meanings

If you’re debating whether or not to use crystals on your pet, it is important to understand what each crystal is used for. As in many yoga practices, saying your intentions aloud is key, and as the pet owner, you need to voice the specific issue you wish to alleviate before you embark on the healing.

Different Healing Crystals and Their Meaning

  • Rose Quartz is known as the love crystal that can enhace togetherness. Try it when your cat doesn’t like your guest or new pet.
  • Lapis Lazuli helps to eliminate confusion and emotional blockage and could be great for rescue pets who have suffered trauma.
  • Garnet is good for depression and can bring more happiness to the user. This gem could be good for a pet who is depressed.
  • Citrine can aid in digestion and facilitate detoxification. This crystal can help when a pet has stomach issues from a new diet.
  • Clear Quartz is a calming crystal and can be a great option for a pet suffering from separation anxiety.
  • Aquamarine resonates with the energy of water and can help the pet connect with the water. This crystal could be great for a pet that is tentative at bath time.

Crystals may not be be a cure-all, but they are worth considering as a supplement to your pet’s normal veterinary treatment. Keep in mind that smaller stones could be ingested and cause toxicity, so opt for larger stones when choosing the right one for your pet.

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