Halloween Costume Ideas for Dogs

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Halloween Costume Ideas for Dogs

Are you scrambling last minute to find the perfect Halloween dog costumes? Fear not! We have compiled a list of the best pet costumes and apparel for your furry friend to sport this fall. Whether your dog prefers to disguise himself as another member of the animal kingdom, a delicious and irresistible-looking food item, or a superhero emanating cuteness overload—we have just the right Halloween dog costume suggestions to make your pup the center of attention this holiday.

Dogs With Animal Magnetism

Being an animal is cute enough, but what’s better than dogs dressed up as other animals? If you always thought your dog would look good with a wild mane, we recommend you try the California Costumes Lion Mane Dog Costume to give him the untamed and confident look of the king of the jungle himself. A guaranteed crowd pleaser, this dog Halloween costume will allow your pup to unleash his inner dominance and embrace his inner wildcat at your Halloween get-together.

Another popular option is the Casual Canine Lobster Paws Dog Costume that is sure to give your dog an in-fashion, aquatic look! Adorned with little googly eyes and wacky, swirly antennas, the bright red lobster pet apparel will have your camera flashing and your guests looking for lobster cuddles all evening long.

Staying within the ocean theme, the Casual Canine Shark Dog Halloween Costume is another cute cover-up for your furry friend who’s looking to disguise himself as a threatening yet adorable predator. If you have fish, they may even be fooled at the sight of your new pet shark!

Who says your fur baby can’t dress up as a feather baby? The California Costumes Peacock Dog Costume allows your dog to do just that by showcasing this bird’s vibrant colors—it’s guaranteed to catch every eye on the streets. Let your dog be the center of attention with his bright, feathered pet apparel.

Costumes for Chowhounds

Food is delicious and everyone appreciates it, but food-themed dog Halloween costumes really inspire a new level of appreciation when sported by beloved pets. Maybe it’s because we want a “slice” of our furry friends’ cuteness or because the sight of a food product wobbling down the streets is entertainment in itself. Regardless, food attire is sizzling hot this Halloween, and you can’t go wrong picking one of these super cheesy costumes for your furry friend.

A customer-favorite and all-around classic is the Casual Canine Hot Diggity Dog Halloween Costume that covers your pup with bread buns on each side and features a beautiful squirt of felt ketchup on your dog’s back. Fit for any dog breed (especially Dachshunds), this costume is adorable, punny and guaranteed to give your guests a good laugh.

Ding dong, the pizza delivery dog is here! Dress up your pet in a Rubie’s Costume Company Pizza Dog & Cat Costume fit for both cats and dogs who wish to mask themselves with this delectable cheesy goodness. Perfect for both a Halloween pizza party or trick-or-treating, this dog Halloween costume will have your friends standing in line for a photo op.

Looking for something a little sweeter for your furry angel? The Rubie’s Cupcake Dog Costume will complement your dog’s sweet side with pink ruffles, sprinkles and a faux cherry on top of your pup’s head. So original it almost looks handmade, this costume is the perfect sugary solution for a dog Halloween costume.

If you’re looking to spice things up this Halloween, then the Rubie’s Taco Pet Costume is the ideal choice of pet apparel for your food-loving dog. Featuring a loaded taco in a soft-shell tortilla wrap as well as a sombrero headpiece, this Halloween dog costume is a hit for small dogs looking to rock a delicious entrée this holiday.

Superdog to the Rescue

While our pets tend to be our everyday heroes at home, you can show them a little extra appreciation this Halloween by suiting them up in a real hero costume! What better way to give your pup the feeling he can take on any challenge and save the day.

With Rubie’s Firefighter Pet Costume, your dog can join the ranks of thousands of firehouse dogs all around the world. Featuring a jacket with reflective stripes and a matching hat, this pet apparel is sure to warm any pet lover’s heart. Just be sure to keep your pup away from the fire hydrants!

Rubie’s Wonder Woman Dog Costume offers your little pooch a costume that highlights her strong personality. Gear her up with a jumpsuit that includes a belt, red cape, and yellow headpiece with a red star. One outing in this hero dog Halloween costume will prove that she’s fit to be an Amazonian princess!

Tips for Dressing up Your Dog

Dogs dressed up on Halloween can be super fun, but can pose a challenge if your furry friends are not up for all the costume frenzy. As a precautionary measure, make sure that your pup is safe in his pet apparel and that none of his natural movements or behaviors are compromised. It can oftentimes be a struggle to get your dog into a costume, either due to its complex design or because your fur baby is too excited to stand still—regardless, you can usually get your pup to obey with a yummy treat as a reward. For more tips on how to dress your pet this Halloween, see our guide for dressing up your pet this Halloween.

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