Grass Litter: Benefits of This Natural Cat Litter

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Grass Litter: Benefits of This Natural Cat Litter

As a cat parent, you know that litter plays a big role in your daily feline routine. Our fur babies come first and we want to buy the litter that’s best for them, our homes and the environment. While there are many types of cat litter available today, the emergence of natural litters on the market has meant an increase in the range of bio-degradable and environmentally friendly choices. One of the newest natural cat litter options is grass litter.

So, what exactly is grass litter? Well, it’s exactly what is says it is—litter made from 100% grass, and that’s it! To help you decide whether switching to grass litter is the right choice for you and your feline family members, here is a list of grass cat litter benefits:

1. Made with Natural, Biodegradable Ingredients

Unlike their clay counterparts, grass litters like Frisco’s All-Natural Grass Clumping Litter and Pioneer Pet SmartCat All Natural Cat Litter are completely biodegradable. As a pet parent, you can rest easy knowing that your kitty’s litter won’t have any harmful or lasting effects on the environment, and it’s made from a renewable resource.

2. Clump-tastic Scooping

We all know that unpleasant hassle when you have waste material stuck to the bottom and sides of the litter box and clinging to the scoop. Thankfully, grass litter is extremely absorbent and clumps just as well as the traditional clay litter that your cats might be used to. The fast and solid clumping helps to prevent the litter from sticking to the sides of the box so that you can scoop with ease. This is especially convenient for multi-cat households where there are multiple boxes to clean. With this clumping natural cat litter, you can easily lift out your kitty’s daily deposits and dispose of them with limited fuss and mess.

3. No Chemicals, Dyes or Added Fragrances

Cats and humans alike can be sensitive when it comes to heavy fragrances. 100% grass kitty litter is made without any added chemicals, dyes or fragrances that could irritate your kitty’s sense of smell and potentially deter them from using the litter box. Instead, your cat will enjoy the faint smell of the great outdoors and nothing unnatural. By using natural odor control, grass cat litter works to seal in unpleasant odors so both you and your kitty will have happy noses and a pleasant-smelling home.

4. Lightweight, Low Dust and Less Mess

Compared to traditional clumping clay litter, grass cat litter is roughly a third of the weight! Lightweight grass litter makes it easy to lift the bag and move your kitty’s litter box around when you need to clean their litter area. Your cat will love the soft texture that feels like sand on the paws, and grass litter is virtually dust-free for easy breathing when you’re scooping.

While grass litter may be a little more expensive, the benefits are far too great to be ignored. So whether you’re planning on adding a new furry friend to your family, or you’ve decided to switch things up a bit when searching for a natural cat litter, don’t be afraid to think outside the (litter) box!


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