Games for Dogs: DIY Easter Egg Hunt

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Games for Dogs: DIY Easter Egg Hunt

Games for Dogs: How to Make an Easter Egg Hunt

As you make your Easter plans, don’t forget to plan some fun games for dogs as part of the festivities. Just as much as humans enjoy an Easter egg hunt, so do dogs! Setting up an Easter egg hunt especially for dogs is the perfect way for pup parents to celebrate the day with their four-legged companions.

Make it a party and invite your family and friend’s dogs to join the egg hunt. You can even let your fur friend don a pair of bunny ears to really set the tone for the day. Not only is this a fun and different activity for you and your dog, but it’s also a great way to provide your pup with some rewarding mental stimulation. Your dog and their canine pals will have to use their noses to sniff out the “Easter eggs” filled with smelly and delicious treats.

To get your Easter egg hunt started, here is everything you need to create a simple and exciting egg hunt game for dogs that is sure to bring out the hoppy bunny in your dog and their canine friends.

What You’ll Need

How to Set Up the Easter Egg Hunt

  1. Fill the KONG Wobblers with a variety of yummy-smelling treats. Make sure the pieces are small enough to be able to fall out of the opening.
  2. Hide the KONG Wobbler “eggs” around the yard or dog-safe area. Place them in a variety of spots for the dogs to sniff them out.
  3. Ready, set… search! Have the dogs wander around for 8-10 minutes, releasing treats from the KONG Wobblers.
  4. Once the hunt is done, the pup who found the large KONG Wobbler gets the grand prize.

Be sure to make Easter baskets for all the pups and send them home with their own basket full of small treat packages.


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