Frightfully Cute Felines: How to Choose the Best Pet Halloween Costumes for Cats

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Pet Halloween Costumes for Cats and collars for cats
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Frightfully Cute Felines: How to Choose the Best Pet Halloween Costumes for Cats

There’s a reason cat videos, memes, and gifs are iconic on the Internet: Humans just can’t resist our feline friends looking charming or acting amusing. Halloween is the ideal time to take that love to the next level by dressing your pet up in Halloween costumes for cats.

When choosing the best costume for your cat, Kacie Hu, Chewy’s global sourcing manager, recommends starting small. “When it comes to cat Halloween costumes, the idea is the simpler, the better,” she says. “Cats can be a bit more finicky that dogs, so if your cat is that type of kitty, don’t go for the whole getup.”

Whether you’re taking your cat to a Halloween party, entering them in a costume contest, greeting trick-or-treaters, or just snapping a few pics for the ‘gram, these Halloween costumes for pet cats are sure to be a hit. Feeling the pressure to pick the perfect pet Halloween costume for your cat? Don’t fret. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know.

What’s Your Cat Like?

When you’re shopping for pet Halloween costume for cats, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What size is your cat? “Make sure to measure your cat,” advises Hu. “Most cats fit into our extra-small to medium pet Halloween costumes, but generally, cats are lankier than dogs, so it’s important to match your cats measurements to the sizing charts.” Depending on the style of costume, you’ll want to measure your cat’s body length, around their chest, and around their neck, leaving about 2 inches of wiggle room. If your kitty is between sizes, size up.
  • Is your cat comfortable wearing clothing? Hu says, “We’ve really seen an interest in cat apparel increase over the years.” If you’re one of the cat parents who have experimented with your cat wearing clothes, you’re at an advantage. You probably already have a sense of how well your cat tolerates shirts, dresses, sweaters, jackets or accessories. Use this knowledge to guide you when shopping for a cat Halloween costume. If your cat is completely new to cat clothing, you may want to buy a variety of costumes to see what works or start simple with an easy accessory, such as a Halloween cat collar.
  • What’s your cat’s personality? Think about how you can play into your cat’s temperament to make the costume the best it can be. One of the purrrfect things about putting your cat in a Halloween costume is that it seems to amplify your cat’s personality. A sweet cat in a cute costume is even more adorable. Funny costumes on bored or grumpy cats are even more hilarious.
  • What’s does your cat look like? Your cat’s coloring and type of fur can contribute to the overall look of your cat’s costume in a big way. A black cat is already a Halloween classic, but they’d make a great bat, skeleton or cow. Likewise, a fluffy cat would be a blend right in as lion or teddy bear.

To help you find the best costume for your cat, we’ve focused on some of our most popular Halloween cat costume ideas.

Trendy Pet Halloween Costumes for Cats

All the coolest cats and kittens are clamoring for this year’s trendiest costumes, which include food and animal costumes. Hu recommends focusing on one body area for a big impact that’s still comfortable for your cat. “Sometimes cats freak out if the costume covers both their head and body,” she says. This stylish cat lion mane costume is a great option for cats who prefer a less-is-more look. For cats who don’t like hats or headpieces, this on-trend taco cat costume, which only covers their body, would be a perfect pick.

Perfect for: The fashionista kitty.

pet halloween costumes - cat lion mane costume for cats -
cat taco costume
Frisco Taco Cat Costume
cat bee costume
Frisco Bumble Bee Cat Costume
pet halloween costumes for cats - shark
Frisco Shark Attack Cat Costume

Funny Costumes for Cats

Each person needs to decide for themself what’s funny, but there are a few Halloween costumes for pet cats that are always a hit, like Frisco’s bread costume. “Our bread cat costume is our No. 1 seller for cats because it’s just one size,” Hu says. The bread goes around the cat’s neck, almost like an oversized collar. Talk about a cat loaf! Got a second cat? Dress them in this avocado costume, and you have yourself a funny couples costume for cats: avo-cat-o toast! Bonus: Hu says the avocado costume is one of the easiest to take on and off.

Perfect for: The class clown kitty.

pet Halloween costume for cats funny costumes for cats
funny costumes for cats - granny
Frisco Front Walking Granny Cat Costume
funny costumes for cats - avocado
Frisco Avocado Cat Costume
funny cat costumes -cowboy
Frisco Cowboy Cat Costume

Cute Halloween Costumes for Cats

Cats dressed up as other creatures are always one of the most delightful combinations. I mean, how cute is this walking-style teddy bear costume? Hu also recommends the cow costume and lobster costume because not only are they adorable but also less restrictive than some other costumes. “These are two-piece costumes with hoods or separate headpieces,” she says. “They offer a lot flexibility in figuring out what your cat is willing to wear.”

Perfect for: Cats who have perfected the classic big-eye stare.

cute Halloween costumes for cats - teddy bear
cute Halloween costumes for cats - cow
Frisco Happy Cow Cat Costume
cute Halloween costumes for cats - pumpkin
Frisco Pumpkin Cat Costume
cute Halloween costumes for cats - lobster
Frisco Red Lobster Cat Costume

Halloween Cat Accessories

If full-on costumes aren’t your cat’s cup of tea, Halloween cat accessories are an easy way to get in the holiday spirit. They include items such as headpieces and bandanas. According to Hu, the Halloween bandanas, in particular, are a fan favorite because they come in lots of different options. “Some are sweet, and some are sassy, while others are more traditional,” she says. Can’t go wrong with this “Sweet & Spooky” one.

Perfect for: The fuss-free cat who still wants to make a statement.

Halloween cat accessories - bandana
cat halloween accessories bandana tricks
Frisco I Do Tricks For Treats Cat Bandana
Halloween Cat Accessories - boo bandana
Frisco Personalized Boo! Bandana
Halloween Cat Accessories - jack-o-latern bandana
Frisco Jack O' Lantern Cat Bandana

Halloween Cat Collars

Sometimes it’s best to keep it super simple. Enter Halloween cat collars. And the most popular of all the Halloween cat collars are the ruffle collars, like this purple one. “People love them because the elastic slips right over the cat’s head,” Hu says. “Lots of cat parents love the bells on the edges because they jingle and are festive, but if the noise is irritating, they’re easy to snip off,” explains Hu.

Perfect for: Cats who prefer to go au natural or are new to dressing up.

Halloween Cat Collars
halloween cat collars - nightmare before christmas
Buckle-Down Nightmare Before Christmas Cat Collar
halloween cat collar orange ruffle
Frisco Whimsical Halloween Cat Ruffle Collar
halloween cat collar in black with bats
Frisco Halloween Breakaway Cat Collar

Whatever you choose, make sure to snap a picture or two, and don’t forget to share it with Chewy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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