7 Belly-Warming Comfort Food Recipes for Dogs We’re Making This Winter

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7 Belly-Warming Comfort Food Recipes for Dogs We’re Making This Winter

Comfort food dishes for dogs are not only warm, inviting and tasty (like those for humans), but they also feature ingredients that are good for them—like carrots and sweet potatoes. Plus, some pup-friendly comfort food recipes are so simple to make, they require just one ingredient.

From hamburger casserole to silky-smooth bone broth to a pet-safe play on hot chocolate, here are some of our favorite comfort food recipes for dogs, starting with the easiest.

Remember, pet parents looking to incorporate new foods in their dog’s diet should consult with their veterinarian beforehand.

Steamed Smashed Carrots

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Packed with vitamin A and soluble and insoluble fibers—which help support vision, heart health and digestion, respectively—this simple carrot recipe makes a delicious and nutritious dog treat or food topper.

Place a handful of sliced carrots in a steamer basket over boiling water, cover, and in eight to 10 minutes mash 'em up. Done and done!

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Mashed Sweet Potatoes

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Fiber-rich and high in beta-carotene, sweet potatoes support good digestion and boost your pup’s immune system. They also make for a tasty winter treat.

Simply boil the sweet potatoes, mash them, and serve!  If you want some for yourself, add butter, brown sugar and salt to taste.

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Hamburger Bake Casserole

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Yep, your dog can have their own casserole, too.

This six-ingredient casserole is layered with unseasoned, cooked hamburger (a healthy source of protein) and veggies, including cucumbers (a hydrating low-calorie treat).

Once assembled, just pop the dish in the oven, cool off, and serve—don’t let them eat the whole thing in one sitting.

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"Hot Chocolate"

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Kevyn Matthews, The Dog Chef, created a safe hot chocolate alternative for dogs with just four ingredients that you can whip up in minutes.

While chocolate is toxic to dogs, carob powder is a safe alternative for your pup—and makes a tasty “hot chocolate” dogs (and you!) are sure to love.

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Comforting Chicken and Rice

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Sure, pet parents may serve their pup chicken and rice when they have an upset stomach. But this easy-to-make dish is worth serving as a warm, comforting treat, too.

Make the rice according to the package instructions, boil the plain chicken until it’s cooked through, and—to amp up the flavor—why not also add a splash of homemade bone broth?

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Veggie-Studded Beef Stew

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This dog-friendly Instant Pot stew is jam-packed with extra-lean, protein-rich beef and a variety of nutritious veggies, including golden potatoes, carrots, celery and peas.

This set-it-and-forget-it recipe only takes 30 minutes to make. But the best part? You can also pour yourself a bowl of this stew—just add seasoning.

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Chicken Bone Broth

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Nutrient-rich, immune system-boosting, hydrating bone broth is a lovely, belly-warming treat for dogs. And it's not as difficult to make as you might think (really!).

Cook bone-in chicken with some carrots, celery and thyme; and after letting it cool, scoop off the fat that formed on top, and serve. Your pup won’t resist lapping up the warm treat.

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