Choosing the Best Dog Leash

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Choosing the Best Dog Leash

With so many leash products on the market, it can be difficult to decide which is the best for you and your dog. Since you will be walking your pup several times a day, you’ll want to find a leash that will make your daily walks together fun and stress-free.

If your current leash is inconvenient, complicated or irritating, then it may be time to invest in an upgrade. Walking a dog shouldn’t be a hassle; over time, you’ll find that a quality leash can strengthen the relationship you share with your furry friend.

For some insight on finding the best leash for you and your dog, look at our recommendations below:

No-Pull Solution. The pulling action that occurs when you take your dog for a walk on a standard dog collar leash can make walking a dog virtually impossible. Plus, if you have a small or aggressive dog, a standard collar leash can lead to neck injuries if pulled on too hard. If you find yourself struggling to walk your dog for these reasons, try a no-pull solution.

The ThunderLeash features an excellent no-pull design with a configuration that applies safe, gentle pressure on the dog’s torso to provide consistent feedback. It effectively stops pulling without the need for complicated harnesses or head collars—and requires little to no training. If you like to go on walks at night, the ThunderLeash has reflective logos for added nighttime safety. The ThunderLeash comes in two sizes: 6 feet long for small dogs (up to 25 pounds) and 7 feet long for large dogs (over 25 pounds).

Magnet Collar Cap. When you go to reach for your leash, you may be met with excited fervor from your pup in anticipation of his upcoming walk. You may have noticed that even the subtle mention of the word “walk” can hype your dog up into a frenzy. If this sounds familiar to you, then you are probably well-aware of how difficult it can be to attach your dog’s leash to his collar when he is in this state. If this is the case, consider investing in the ThunderSnap dog leash. The ThunderSnap uses powerful magnets and a steel-ball-bearing latch mechanism to quickly and securely connect any dog collar. The magnet can hold over 500 pounds, but is so easy to use that the clip can be released with just two fingers.

Retractable Leash. When it comes to active dogs, they probably find it frustrating to be limited in the distance they are able travel on walks. Dogs love their freedom, so give them what they want with the ThunderLeash Retractable solution. It has all the benefits of a ThunderLeash, but with more slack for your dog to run with. Different extension lengths are available for various size dogs: 10 feet for extra-small (under 12 pounds), 16 feet for small (12-25 pounds), and 19 feet for medium (26-44 pounds) and large dogs (45-100 pounds).

Distance Dial. For even more control of your retractable leash, try the ThunderLeash Dial-A-Distance, the first ever retractable leash that lets you set a safe maximum distance between 0-15 feet. It has everything you love about the retractable leash, but with a valuable extra safety feature, making walking a dog even easier. Dial-A-Distance allows you to conveniently and easily choose how close you want to keep your dog or how far you want him to be able to go. Once your dog reaches the farthest distance you have set on the dial, the leash automatically brakes, every time. Plus, the manual thumb brake can still be used in case you ever need to stop your dog short. If you want your curious canine to enjoy his freedom in a park, but want him close by near streets or in crowded areas, then this leash is for you.


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