Choosing an AKC Dog Name

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Choosing an AKC Dog Name

Choosing your dog’s formal registered name is an important part of owning a purebred dog. Some people use a favorite song or poet for inspiration, name the dog after a loved one or mentor, or take a trait from the dog itself as inspiration for the formal AKC-registered name. Often the breeder will have a name in mind or certain restrictions for choosing a name. We asked purebred dog owners how they arrived at their dogs’ AKC-registered names and got some great responses. They may amuse you… and even inspire you.

Taylor Dearborn: Broadway Paradigms Summer Loving… It’s from the movie Grease.

Nancy Zumbach Smith: My son played travel hockey for 11 years, and his last year is when we acquired our dog. I have a poster at work of the Stanley Cup, which says “The Ultimate Goal.” Our dog is Ch. Windmoor’s Ultimate Goal, and of course we call him Stanley!

Clint Werner: I like literary names, and my breeder likes painters’ names. It was an R litter, so we found Dante Rosetti, a poet and painter named after Dante Alegheri, so he’s Ch. Beldach’s Radiant Rosetti ‘Dante.’

KS AmStafs: KS’s The Big Guns ‘Mac’ is named after my Grandfather who was a USAF bomber pilot.

Rachel Diller: In 2011, I lost three Mastiffs to bone cancer (in about four months), so I was devastated. The year prior to that I lost my alpha bitch to old age (almost 12) and my next in line girl to another type of cancer in her spine. Both of my Afghans went back to the breeder because of aggression with those Mastiffs. Then, after all was said and done, the breeder resold those Afghans, and I was not able to have them back. The last Mastiff to pass away was my stud and sire to an unborn litter. So, when the litter came to be, the only fawn girl was named Marbles Magnum’s Until I Found You. She saved my sanity. At that time, I had to take over the old Afghan again who had been bred, and the litter was too challenging to manage. I whelped the litter of Afghans from three days on, and my new Mastiff pup came and nursed on her as well two days after that. The Mastiff mother did not nurse after she woke up from her C-section. So, I was able to have my Mastiff, puppy fix and so forth. So, Marbles was raised on the Afghan Hound along with eight other puppies. I love her so much. I also just won a Bred By Exhibitor Group 2 at the Denver Cluster against 13 working breeds. She’s my life saver!

Amanda Dunne: My latest puppy is Fasusq Bohemian Rhapsody, as I was in the Czech Republic when he was born!

Carrie Cabrera: Canaan Dog Sufat Sheleg Ziva bat Ash: Sufat Sheleg is Snow Storm in Hebrew — kennel name; Ziva means “brightness, radiance, brilliance” in Hebrew and being a favorite character on NCIS!; “bat Ash” is “daughter of Ash.” Canaan Dog FarSight Maccabee bat Onyx: “Maccabee” came from my favorite Christmas carol “Light One Candle.”

Trudi Kimm: When I saw Buzz for the first time, I thought, “This dog is going to cause a buzz in the breed,” hence Pleasant Hill’s What’s The Buzz. Until his death last year, he was the most versatile living Canaan dog with 18 group placements and a CDCA Versatility Excellent title.

Janet Warner: Our mentor had just died. Her favorite dog in the whole world had “Connection” in his name. She had a boarding kennel (not her kennel name) named Holiday. Her name was Daisy Lilleym so we named our girl after her. (The first three names are our kennel names) GCh.Majic Azuma Wilbec’s Holiday Connection ‘Silly Lilley.’

Sarah Diaz: My latest dog’s name is Bessdach’s Calm Before the Storm ‘Katrina.’ The litter was born two weeks after hurricane Katrina, and the breeder lives in Texas, so it was fitting.

Erin P. Cody: The litter had a theme of ‘Hunter.’ So what type of “hunter” did I want? A trophy Hunter, of course! So thus Ch. Cha-Rish Trophy Hunter.

Eric L Green: GIFAJ La Diosa Rubia is my newest Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy. The kennel name means “God is faithful and just.” The Mexican interpretation of her name is the blond goddess, and she is a brindle! She was the most famous female bullfighter in all of Mexico. In that culture, they preferred to refer to darker skinned people by the opposite of what they were so as to not offend them. Hence the term rubia or blonde, as opposed to negro.

Alexia Fino: Stonecroft’s Pretty Fierce Potrero, aka Nina, was named after Nina Garcia from Project Runway. Nina G. is my favorite host on the show because she’s pretty and fierce.

Joan Lieder Hackel: Jazz was in the “J” litter and called Jolene by her breeder. We were not fond of it. I changed it to All That Jazz. Our older one came named by her breeder, and because she was older we kept her name.

Shana Rodriguez: Being that my dog’s breeder loves Western theme names, I had a great name in mind. Dachaven Barketta The Singing Cowboy, call name ‘Autry’! And yes, he does “sing” … and my dad is a huge Gene Autry fan.

Lyn Dunne: I named my most recent Cavalier puppy Aberlour Shakitlykapolroidpctr (pronounced “Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture”), as her mother is Aberlour Mega Pixel! (LOL)

Chris Vitosh: Due to a conversation I had shortly before my Mother passed, I went back to my childhood breed and found a female pup who I named Paxston, which is my Mother’s maiden name. A family memory was my mom as a toddler telling her teenage aunts that she needed “Ip-I-tick and oouge”; hence, Paxston became Ch. Stone Ridge Packin’ Lipstick ‘n Rouge.

Cheryl Claypool: Artworks Let The Rumors Begin, aka ‘Rumors,’ is my foundation bitch and Artworks Rumors Will Be Herd, aka ‘Echo,’ was the talker of the litter.

Sharon Walden Manos: I was given a list of song titles to choose from by my breeder. His stud dog was named after Stevie Ray Vaughn, so I chose the song title that best suited what was going on in my family at that time. Ch. Rayvon’s Wall of Denial, call name ‘Max.’ He was born on my parent’s wedding anniversary; my mom is Maxine, and we were dealing with her dementia, so Wall of Denial seemed perfect.

Kim Egan: My first show quality Toy Fox Terrier came from Louisiana from Kajun-Fox kennel. I am a big fan of zydeco (Cajun) music, and he had the prettiest gold markings I ever saw, so I named him “Beausoleil” (which means “beautiful sun”) after the zydeco band. All of his puppies that I kept were named for Beausoleil album titles (Cajunization, Vintage Beausoleil) or albums recorded by the lead singer, Michael Doucet (Christmas Bayou).

Linda Deuel: Ch. Lindel Caran No Denying It was an “oops” breeding. I was in total denial that we were going to have puppies until about 10 days before seven puppies were whelped. Her call name is ‘Deni.’

Mary-Ann Yanez: We’re fans of The Honeymooners, so my dog’s littermates have Jackie Gleason-themed names. My girl is GCh. Augustines To The Moon Alice BND’s. Her sister is Augustines How Sweet It Is.

Mary Anne Morrison: BISS Immerlachen I’m Roly Poly o Chief was named by my son, a fan of Bob Wills music. “Roly Poly, daddy’s little fatty, he needs lots of strength to run and play!”

Andrew Dolan: My Rory came from the “wait” litter, as both kennels had waited a long time for the pups to come. That’s why he’s called Kr’msun Nefer-Temu Worth His Wait In Gold.

Cara N. Dixon: I used to have a Yankee. I wanted a Rebel. Now I have one. A Beauceron. He is Rebelle Avec Une Cause Du Chateau Rocher, a nod to his French heritage and a reminder that he has a job — to soak up all of the love and attention that he most certainly deserves. Now, for my doberbaby. He is Electron N Foxfires Easily A Saint, call name ‘Nico’, shortened from Nicodemus — St. Nicodemus. Because mama is Easily Steller, the litter had to have Easily in the name. Electron is the breeder; both bitch and dog are Foxfire dobermans. And his beautiful disposition makes ‘Easily A Saint’ the perfect name.

Sarah Woodling Houle: Brian the Beagle as a puppy was named after Brian on Family Guy. So his registered name is Kinsglo Road to Rhode Island, which is the musical episode featuring Brian and Stewie’s characters on a crazy cross-country adventure!

Randall Learniski: My last Sealyham Terriers name was Katharine Hepburn after my favorite actress, of course!

Lisa Higham: Shasta’s Mud Monster. Yep! She earned it!

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