Chewy’s Office Pet Superlatives

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Chewy’s Office Pet Superlatives

Here at the Chewy office, every day is “Bring Your Pet to Work Day,” which means we always have quite a few office dogs, cats and the occasional small pet or reptile scurrying about. This makes for an office environment with a lot of BIG personalities. To share some of the fun characters we get to interact with on a regular basis, we have created our very own collection of pet superlatives. Check out these office pets and the special spark they bring to the Chewy work day.

Most Likely to Steal Your Lunch: Messi

This charming thief of lunches knows where all the snack closets are at Chewy headquarters. Beware of this one—Messi knows exactly how to trick you into that extra treat you’ve been saving on your desk. And believe us, he’ll remind everyone when it’s lunchtime lest we forget. Be sure to keep an eye on your sandwich; he may be big but he is quick! However, with a face like that, can you blame us for wanting to give him all the foods?

Favorite Chewy product: Bully sticks

Most Likely to Fall Asleep at Their Desk: Jasmine

Jasmine is one pampered pint-size pup. When this office dog isn’t overseeing her person’s productivity from the comfort of her desk top throne, she can be found modeling the most recent fashions for our studio. These responsibilities are so very taxing on such a petite princess, so napping with dreams of cuddles and pets is where you’ll most likely find Jas. Such a precious pup definitely deserves her beauty rest!

Favorite Chewy product: Best Pet Supplies Tent Bed

Most Likely to Micromanage: Orion

This is one authoritative kitty. He is not only the boss of his house and his German Shepherd sibling, Markos, but he is also a cat of high repute here at Chewy. While prowling the office on his kitty leash, Orion is sure to offer an opinion or two, or maybe three, when asked. We don’t mind, though—his “meowsings” always prove to be valuable and definitely worth a few treats.

Favorite Chewy product: American Journey Cat Food

Most Likely to Invade Your Personal Space: Crickety

While Crickety means well, he has caused quite a few Chewtopians a fright on their way to the bathroom. That’s because this bearded-dragon’s favorite place to hang, literally, is on the front of his mom’s shirt. If you are looking to say, “Hi,” you better be ready for a dragon hug on your shoulder. But he honestly makes the most perfect accessory, so who can resist?

Favorite Chewy product: Zilla Heat Mats 

Most Likely to be Hanging Around: Lily

This blonde bombshell is always out and about exploring the office and running errands with her mom. When we say, “most likely to be hanging around,” we mean it literally. Her favorite way to travel is in her sling that’s been specially made for pets. We must say, there is no better way to start a morning than to see her bright face pop out to say hello!

Favorite Chewy product: KONG AirDog Squeakair Balls

Most Likely to Break Into Song: Roscoe

Now this little songbird definitely likes to share his gift. Many of us consider him to be the voice of his generation. Our office troubadour can usually be found wandering the halls wooing the ladies and performing for tips of the treat variety. We always make sure to reward him handsomely for his talents!

Favorite Chewy product: Stella and Chewy’s Meal Mixers

Most Likely to Eat Your Paperwork: Jucifer

Jucifer may be the only office worker that gets excited at the prospect of paperwork—although his motives may be a tad unconventional. Stacks of paper happen to be this jolly, cotton-tailed office pet’s favorite form of entertainment. Many folks have been led astray, thinking they are nailing their presentation due to his enthusiastic support, only to find their notecards turned into a nest of shredded papers. Don’t worry, though—we are always sure to make extra copies.

Favorite Chewy product: All things Oxbow

Most Likely to Humble Brag: Kona

Kona is one impressive office dog, and don’t you forget it. Just in case you have, keep your eyes peeled for this consummate professional balancing a cup on her head in the corner; it may cause you to change your mind. If you’re still not convinced, ask her owner to have Kona perform one of the many tricks she’s skilled at, including playing dead and giving kisses on command. Of course, Kona has all of your standard tricks down pat, as well, like roll over and go to bed. If you happen to pass her in the hallway, be prepared to be dazzled. This pup can truly do everything and, boy, does she love an audience! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to give a standing ovation to such a talented canine marvel?

Favorite Chewy product: Outward Hound Hide a Squirrel Puzzle Dog Toy

Most Likely to Intimidate You Without Words: Prince Logan the Terrible

While Prince Logan the Terrible is truly a sight to behold, you may want to avoid eye contact. This pup is known to stare down any human who approaches him and will put on his toughest act when another dog is nearby. Plus, his stare can be a bit on the judgmental side. If you want Prince Logan the Terrible, also known as “The Prince,” to do anything, don’t get your hopes up. The Prince is generally uninterested in granting your wishes. But don’t be too intimidated by his cold stare and standoffish demeanor; he may not show it, but The Prince secretly loves getting pet. Don’t tell him you heard this from us!

Favorite Chewy product: Tylee’s Turkey Recipe Human-Grade Dog Food

Most Likely to Touch Things on Your Desk: Nyx

When this saucy dog is around, we all know to keep a diligent eye on our desk snacks. Nyx’s infamous ol’ bait n’ switch is a time-tested and proven food retrieval tactic that she has artfully mastered. Her nickname isn’t “Drop it” for nothing. But rest assured this talented pooch gets plenty of treats just for being so darn cute!

Favorite Chewy product: Frisco Dog Beds

Most Likely to Stop You in the Hallway: Bear

This scraggle muffin is one darling dumpling. He is known at the office for being a bit of a welcome wagon. Nobody gets through his hallway without paying the “Bear tax” of a few pets and any treats you may have on hand. His adorable little wiggle and handsome face definitely make him the Mr. Congeniality of the Chewy offices.

Favorite Chewy product: Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

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