Chewy Box Cat Castle

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Chewy Box Cat Castle

Who’s the queen (or king) of the castle? Well, your kitty, of course. Or at least she will be after you build her a royal palace to rule over her sprawling indoor empire. It’s time to show off your cat craft skills by turning an ordinary Chewy box into something majestic! Here’s the regal blueprint for this DIY cat house box craft.


Materials: Two Chewy boxes (one should be large enough for your cats to stand in), packing tape, black marker, scissors/box cutter, glue gun

Optional Materials: craft paint or markers for decoration, brick scrapbook paper, cat teaser wand toy, wooden chopstick or dowel, poster board



1. The larger Chewy box will be the base. Draw a large archway on one side that goes all the way to the bottom of the box. Make sure your pet could fit through it. Cut out all sides of the archway except for the bottom edge. It should fold down like a drawbridge.

2. Draw and cut out several windows along the other sides.


3. Tape the top of the large box shut.

4. Cut the flaps off of the other box. This will be the top of the castle.


5. Draw the rectangular gap pattern that you’d find at the top of a castle tower along the top of this box, and cut it out.

6. Place this box on top of the larger Chewy box. You can either glue it in place, or if the boxes are the same length and width, wrap tape around the boxes at the seam to secure them.


7. Draw a brick pattern on the outside for a more authentic castle, or use brick-patterned scrapbook paper. Place a comfy kitty bed inside the top box.



8. As a finishing touch, you can make a little flag to go on top. Cut a triangular flag shape out of poster board, and decorate it (could be a paw, a fish, a lion, etc.) Glue it to the chopstick or dowel and stick it onto the top of your castle.

Since cardboard boxes are verified cat magnets, this DIY cat house is going to be a hit with the feline members of your family. It’s almost guaranteed to be the most successful cat craft you’ve ever made—one that the royal cat family is sure to approve of. Okay, well at least it’s a pretty good cat craft as far as DIY cat houses go.


By: Chewy EditorialUpdated: