Cat Provides Cuddles And Comfort As Part Of Her Job At Hair Salon

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Cat Provides Cuddles And Comfort As Part Of Her Job At Hair Salon

Cats generally don’t have day jobs, but wouldn’t it be nice if they found a way to contribute to the rent or mortgage payments? Well, Betty Boo is a rare exception, and though she doesn’t get paid in cold hard cash for her job at her mom’s hair salon, her role is very important. She greets customers, she naps on their laps while they get haircuts, and she is the official mascot of the salon.

Betty Boo’s owner, Chris, opened Babar Hair in Melbourne, Australia, in October 2013, and Betty Boo was the customer cuddler since that very first day.

And her popularity has only grown over the last five years.

Aaron has long legs. I take full advantage of this when he comes in ?

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“Customers greet her before they greet us! Bringing her presents and cat treats regularly… they love her,” Chris told “She even has more followers [on social media] than myself and the salon!”

You can follow Betty Boo on Instagram, too, at @bettyboo_thesaloncat.

But Betty Boo doesn’t just lie around expecting pets and praise. She’s a hard worker.

If I’m not on your lap, in I’m your face. Pat me.

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“She helps in so many ways! She puts a smile on everyone’s face constantly, and is so affectionate. She does try and steal people biscuits, milk and water, which we all keep an eye on. She looks after Babar’s blog, and since I hate doing all the book work, I try make her in charge of that too!” Chris said.

King of the Castle ?

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Betty Boo is truly a unique creature. And although the list of her best qualities is never-ending, Chris did share her favorite things about her incredible feline sidekick.

“I love her big personality, how cuddly she is, and how much joy she brings to everyone she meets,” she said.

Job well done, Betty Boo!

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