Cat Masters Dexterity So He Can Eat Your Fries

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Cat Masters Dexterity So He Can Eat Your Fries

We reference this often, and we’re going to do it again. A study recently said dogs are smarter than cats, and some of us take issue with that. Now we have proof that whatever scientists say on the subject might not matter, because cats don’t even follow your rules, anyway.

A cat learned how to expertly maneuver his paw and use it like a hand to steal French fries in a viral video tweeted by Fluff Society. The tabby casually drops his foot in the fry basket and perfectly brings a perpendicular potato stick up to his mouth and starts snacking.

“Uhhh my cat just picked up a fry like a human,” the tweet says. “I think this thumb evolved.”

This guy doesn’t even have the Hemingway-cat kind of thumbs — the sixth toe on the front foot that makes them look like they’re always giving approval. No, this cat uses sheer will to make his little foot into fist to give you a glimpse at what he’s capable of.

So there you have it, “scientists.” This cat would like to toss a beaker full of water your way.

By: Anastasia Thrift

Feature Image: Via Fluff Society/Twitter



By: Chewy EditorialUpdated: