Cat Gets Promoted to Stationmaster at Japan Train Station

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Cat Gets Promoted to Stationmaster at Japan Train Station

Finding a worthy candidate to fill the position of stationmaster at Kishi Station in Japan was no easy task, but railway officials believe a train station cat named Nitama is just the one for the job.

Yes, we said cat.

Nitama previously served as assistant stationmaster, and in order to ensure her success in the new role at Kishi Station, she recently graduated from Cat Stationmaster Training School, CNN reports. The position was previously held by yet another cat, Tama.

Train station cat Tama passed away at the age of 16 after serving as stationmaster for eight years. She was known as “the most famous cat in Japan” for saving the dying train line. Tama worked closely with Nitama while she was still alive, and after a traditional mourning period of 50 days of prayer following Tama’s death, Nitama was given the official stationmaster hat to wear.

Railway spokesperson Hitofumi Ino told CNN that Nitama “doesn’t dislike wearing a hat,” which sounds like a pretty important quality for a train station cat to possess. Hopefully she’ll quickly adapt to her everything else her new role entails — and get a raise.

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